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Yugge 2012. okt. 29. @ du. 1:06
Slow pointer ingame?
I seem to have a problem with the pointer moving slower ingame. This causes levels to become really hard. Has anyone else experienced any problems with this?
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aztechrome 2012. okt. 30. @ de. 7:45 
All I could do was adjust the general mouse sensitivity of the entire system upward inside of "main.cpl" executed from the run bar. there REALLY needs to be a better way than messing up the feel of the whole system for this one game. Devs, a slider would be awfully useful on this game....
Lord Farquaad 2012. nov. 1. @ du. 12:40 
I have the same problem. I'd like to play this game on a tablet, with touch input. That probably makes things easier.
Vindaloo 2013. jan. 3. @ de. 9:33 
It's almost unplayable for me, not gonna change my system settings, which are perfectly fine for whatever else i do.
h4 2013. jan. 3. @ du. 5:43 
I have had this problem with some games due to low dpi mouse. I since upgraded to a high dpi (adjustible) gaming mouse and these sorts of problems went away. I don't have problems with mouse pointer in this game, but people who do might want to borrow someone else's higher dpi mouse and trying it.
Yugge 2013. jan. 3. @ du. 5:57 
Yep, that was it actually. Kinda ridiculous though.
josh g. 2013. jan. 15. @ de. 7:22 
I've switched to playing it with my Wacom tablet in one-button mode, which makes it a lot more bearable.
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