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Shaenya 2012년 9월 15일 오후 2시 54분
The gameplay seems unbalanced in some parts.
Sometimes, the core sound mechanics don't seem to work as the user would expect.
Shaenya님이 마지막으로 수정; 2014년 6월 17일 오전 9시 30분
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c▲z 2012년 10월 17일 오전 9시 36분 
the game is pretty ♥♥♥♥♥♥, glad i got this in a bundle. thought you could at least use your own music
Lord Farquaad 2012년 11월 1일 오후 12시 38분 
Come on, it's not that bad. I think the gameplay is fine and I actually rather like the sound. It might not win the Excellence in Game Design award but considering its moderate price tag I think it's a fair deal. Actually, I'm gonna start playing again right now.
peace 2013년 1월 3일 오전 3시 57분 
Thx for the info. If the game is that bad I'll skip it. A bad game at a great price is still a bad game that I would not play
h4 2013년 1월 3일 오후 5시 44분 
What! this game is great. It reminds me of rez but 2d.
spineknot ((LE)) 2013년 1월 3일 오후 7시 32분 
can not agree with Shaenya too, this is a good little game, although it can be hard
Cold Deck? ... 2013년 1월 3일 오후 8시 57분 
AVSEQ is not brilliant, but it's far from being a bad game. I'm having trouble beating the later levels and may decide to stop trying, which is a little bit frustrating, but I still had a lot of fun while playing...
Fox! ϡpeace 2013년 1월 4일 오전 2시 01분 
i dislike it because i didn't expect all the music to be downtempo music
the gameplay is really boring too, but i feel like i got exactly what i paid for (less than $2 lol)
caesarbear 2013년 1월 5일 오후 9시 36분 
It's a bad game. Really poor visual information provided for what you are required to do. After three levels the game is unplayable. The music is the real disappointment and I love downtempo and ambient.
Zhuinden (人^▽')~ 2013년 1월 6일 오전 9시 01분 
Agreed. The music is just a simple beat with your combo sine sounds on it and that sums it up. I'd expect music from a music-based game...
Angrenbor 2013년 2월 8일 오전 8시 04분 
My thoughts exactly. The worst thing is visual design. The game is unplayable due tons of annoying effects on the screen regardless of graphic settings. It's just awful.
MithranArkanere 2014년 6월 10일 오전 9시 07분 
This game is not good enough for a PC.

It'll be ok for a phone game you play for 2 minutes while you wait for the bus, but not for something you sit do to at home.
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