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Zhuinden (人^▽')~ 2013年1月4日 2時33分
....okay, I guess 0.99 was a bargain on some level, but I'd expect a game about music sequencing to actually generate music.
It's just playing notes pretty much as if I said C D E F G A C, each and every time going by the exact same sequence. I imagined random but cool melodies kinda like
http://tones.wolfram.com/generate/ This site

And I was greatly disappointed. Though I played only the first two levels which were... "melodically" identical. Does it ever change?
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Cold Deck? ... 2013年1月4日 5時03分 
It doesn't change. I thought it would be more complex as well in this aspect, and it would have been a much better game if we could actually "generate" music. It would have much more replayability, at least. But I like the game overall, it's easily worth the $1.
h4 2013年1月4日 13時43分 
No, it doesn't change. It's just timed sound effects rather than choosing your sounds.
Zhuinden (人^▽')~ 2013年1月5日 5時13分 
"Every level of AVSEQ is a music sequencer with 2.2300745198530623×10^43 possible audio permutations"

I wonder how 'one' becomes 22 tredecillion, then. I seriously was hoping for actual, generated melodies. If you keep the scale, it can be good even if it's random. This is not random.
josh g. 2013年1月15日 7時25分 
The sounds it plays when you activate a chain are the same, but the part that changes is when you actually get a "note" locked onto the board. But the chain sound kind of drowns those out.
Zhuinden (人^▽')~ 2013年2月5日 14時28分 
That's still honestly disappointing.
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