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Zhuinden 4. Jan. 2013 um 2:33 Uhr
....okay, I guess 0.99 was a bargain on some level, but I'd expect a game about music sequencing to actually generate music.
It's just playing notes pretty much as if I said C D E F G A C, each and every time going by the exact same sequence. I imagined random but cool melodies kinda like
http://tones.wolfram.com/generate/ This site

And I was greatly disappointed. Though I played only the first two levels which were... "melodically" identical. Does it ever change?
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Cold Deck? ... 4. Jan. 2013 um 5:03 Uhr 
It doesn't change. I thought it would be more complex as well in this aspect, and it would have been a much better game if we could actually "generate" music. It would have much more replayability, at least. But I like the game overall, it's easily worth the $1.
h4 4. Jan. 2013 um 13:43 Uhr 
No, it doesn't change. It's just timed sound effects rather than choosing your sounds.
Zhuinden 5. Jan. 2013 um 5:13 Uhr 
"Every level of AVSEQ is a music sequencer with 2.2300745198530623×10^43 possible audio permutations"

I wonder how 'one' becomes 22 tredecillion, then. I seriously was hoping for actual, generated melodies. If you keep the scale, it can be good even if it's random. This is not random.
josh g. 15. Jan. 2013 um 7:25 Uhr 
The sounds it plays when you activate a chain are the same, but the part that changes is when you actually get a "note" locked onto the board. But the chain sound kind of drowns those out.
Zhuinden 5. Feb. 2013 um 14:28 Uhr 
That's still honestly disappointing.
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