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Black screen ep 3 s1 what do i do?
So it's been a black screen for a few days now and everytime i open ep3 and shows a balck screen and i have to shut off my laptop and start again ? what do i do?
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commander Jun 7, 2014 @ 4:40pm 
Originally posted by Katsitsiiostha.Mccomber:
So it's been a black screen for a few days now and everytime i open ep3 and shows a balck screen and i have to shut off my laptop and start again ? what do i do?

Have you tried disabling/enabling the steam cloud?
Also, try a clean installation, and windows compatibility settings, by right clicking on the game's .exe file, this can be found by right clicking the game in your steam library, click properties and find "browse local content".
Then find the .exe file for the game, and right click on it, click properties, find the compatibility tab at the top of the window, first try running as an admin for all users, click apply and try again, then if that doesn't work, set to run with windows 7 or xp, don't forget what you set.
You can also try other compatibility settings if you need to, don't forget to remove them once you get the game to work by simply going back to the same .exe file with the properties, and then going to the compatibility tab again.

Try going to the nvidia control panel and set it to "let the 3d application decide", click apply to save changes and then close the nvidia control panel to try again, keep it on that though for most games to work properly with the video card settings, that's the best setting for all games to work properly with the graphics card.

You can also try my guide if nothing else works. Also if you have a controller like some do, remove it, unplug it from your pc and try the game again, try different things until you get it working properly by making things basic as can be for most stability and compatibility with the pc hardware, software, and your games. This is a good way to diagnose the issues, also go through your windows and see what else you've changed, check everything.

Also you can check your windows firewall program acception list, to see if it is blocked or not, that might fix some gamer's issues that are reading this.

Try contacting the tech support for the game, not from steam tech support, as steam tech can't help with this issue I don't think, has to be the game's tech support on their site I believe, they might even have a number for the game's tech support, don't know. But because it is a game issue, the steam tech support will tell you to contact the game's tech support, maybe from the game's website, if it has one, or some game listed under the steam tech support area.

This is the link to my guide.

It fixes most pc and game issues, be sure to go through all of it. Even if your pc works fine, it's really nice to use the guide. It's really helpful. It's not meant for macs, or those with controllers lol that would be obvious and common sense, but it does fix most other things, and I like to be kind enough to share some really helpful info.
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yea i have a macbook
commander Jun 7, 2014 @ 10:28pm 
Originally posted by Katsitsiiostha.Mccomber:
yea i have a macbook

Ah I see.
The only other thing that I can suggest, would be if you can use a desktop pc, although to have one that is more compatible with pc gaming would be preferable.
Because with gaming these days, you are going to need a desktop pc compatible with gaming, and macs are not the answer. I stopped using macs long ago when I was a teen, for good reasons, the only time I used them was in junior high in the library with the macintosh games over 20 years ago. Macs can be good for multimedia creation though. Although you will find that there are many great multimedia programs on pc's these days as well. Which is understandable as to why you would have a mac, for projects and multimedia creation, other than that, it's best to use a desktop pc for gaming.

Although I am sure some other mac users could help you. But most mac users admit that they have a mac, when they have a problem with gaming.
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so what do i do?
commander Jun 9, 2014 @ 2:04pm 
Originally posted by Katsitsiiostha.Mccomber:
so what do i do?

Just as I mentioned, can you save up and slowly buy the parts from If not, do you have a desktop pc somewhere in the house that you can play it on?

If you do build a pc from, make sure to buy compatible hardware parts.
Also be sure to check out my guide after you build it and once windows is installed, right away go to the guide and do everything in it for windows.

What I recommend to slowly buy is each hardware part, one thing at a time.
I'll name off parts to buy slowly.

Motherboard. -
Try and find the Biostar TA970XE which is the 970 series motherboard, or the 990 if you can, which would be better, but the 970 should be cheap enough.

Processor, also known as the CPU. -
Buy the AMD FX - 8350 8 core processor at 4 Ghz each with 16 Megs cache ram.
The price is un-beatable at $200 dollars, and it's an air cooled processor, that's the best processor from amd, at least it's the best air cooled still, which is considered the best desktop processor from amd for anything right now, the liquid cooled is newer and better as of around this year, but like batteries... requires you to refill it for $20 usa bucks or more per month, that and if anything went wrong in your system, and that liquid gets into it, it will fry your system or caboom? lol
Stay with air cooled, alot easier to manage, and you don't have to buy anything for it per month, unless you use a battery mouse and keyboard.
Such a good price, compared to intel's thousand of dollars processors for their best. I wouldn't pass up a price like that from AMD for $200 dollars for the fx - 8350 processor. Make sure you buy thermalpaste, about $5 - $7 dollars for it, you have to put it between the heat sink with the small fan on it, and the processor aka the cpu. Easily done, just put the processor carefully in the direction it goes with the pins very slow and gently onto the surface into the slots, then once it is clamped down to hold the processor down in, use the thermal paste on the top of the processor, and place the heat sink on top of the thermal paste, this keeps the cpu from burning the heat sink with the fan on top of it blowing downward to keep it cool. Make sure that the thermal paste is spread around like cake topping, don't make a mess off onto the side, but have plenty of it covering the surface of the cpu, don't leave any surface on the top of the cpu exposed when applying thermal paste.

Power Supply. -
Find at least an 800 watt power supply, try the rosewill power supplies and you can upgrade later, but don't go below 800 watts. If you plan to have multiple video cards way later, use a 1500 watt power supply.
Remember though with computers, they will only use what is necessary in power, they won't use up the full power supply unless the hardware needs it for performance, and so it jumps in usage when needed. But even a single gpu graphics card, depending on the type, such as a gtx 600 series, will use up 600 watts required, with the 12v = 12 vault extra wires from the power supply, so make sure you buy the right power supply that comes with extra wires on it.
Very simple, buy an 800 watt power supply, with 12v extra wires, and make sure it's compatible with your motherboard being an amd or intel, those 3 things.
If you want to get a 1500 watt power supply, so that you can have future upgrades of multiple video cards when the time comes if you ever do, then I recommend the evga classified supernova 1500 watt power supply, which you can find on the website, or, they now have a 1600 watt classified supernova.

Case. -
The Rosewill Blackhawk, it's cheap and a good price as well as a large case for expansion.

Memory. -
To start, you can buy some really cheap 16 gigs of ram on, make sure they are DDR3, and at least 1866 mhz advertised, as well as will work ok in your motherboard.

Monitor. -
You will need a nice monitor, the 3d gaming monitors are what you will want for gaming, look for ones with both 1 ms timing, and way over 60 - 120 hz = the refresh rate of the monitor, from, easily done if you look for those 2 things, and the 3d gaming monitors are way cheaper than the new 4k resolution monitors which aren't good for most gaming yet because of the delay on the monitor, and that's no good for gaming, until a 3d gaming monitor comes out in 4k resolution. The 3d gaming monitors are around $180 - $250 usa dollars, that's cheap compared to the $700 - $800 dollar 4k monitors that you aren't supposed to use yet with gaming until the ms = millisecond timing, and refresh rate changes on them.
This will also give you the upper edge in gaming as well with a 3d gaming monitor that has 1 ms, and way above 60 - 120 hz refresh rates.
Remember that 3d gaming monitors don't have to be used in 3d, there should be an option to enable/disable it for the monitor when you're not using it.

Keyboard and Mouse. -
Buy the really nice G series keyboard from the logitech website, you might find some on as well of the G series from logitech. The mouse depends on what you like, try and find a gaming mouse like the viper or world of warcraft, or some other mouse out there, I don't recommend the world of warcraft mouse, because there are way better out there that I can't remember the names unless I did some research again, it's been a while.

Sound Card. -
Find the Sound Blaster ZxR from either, or, if you go to, don't forget to uncheck what location you set, so that it doesn't try to keep track of which one to remember. Once you get this, place it in the port that it tells you about, either the original pci ports, or the pci - express 1x port, also known as pci - e 1x. Not the pci - express x16, that's for the graphics cards.
Creative is a well known sound card company world wide for many years, they are also world wide leaders in sound as well as music, they are the best, and have been for many years.

Graphics Card. -
Buy the EVGA Geforce GTX 670 FTW Edition, from, it's around $200 bucks, but you can slowly save up to buy it, that's a really good price, and the video card I am using is that one, you won't be dissapointed, although if you can, try to find one with 4 - 6 Gigs of video memory that is on the graphics card, remember that not all graphics cards are going to be really nice, be sure to go over each one on, there's a reason why some of them are cheap, don't buy a cheap graphics card just because it has a good price, or your performance will lack in game, and you'll have wasted money, only buy the Geforce GTX series, no less than a 670. Keep away from the normal and GT series graphics cards.

Operating System. -
Buy windows 7 home premium 64 bit. The motherboard can use windows 8, but I don't recommend it for now. Only use windows 7 home premium with 64 bit, so that you have the most compatible OS windows version for your gaming, otherwise you will run into issues on windows 8 with gaming sometimes.

Desktop Speakers. -
For the best speakers or any type that you can afford or save up for, buy the best from, or look in for creative sound blaster speakers, make sure they are new, and compatible with your sound blaster sound card.

Also don't forget a desk for the monitor, mouse and keyboard, as well as a nice desktop pc chair, but that nice pc chair can come later. =)
Use a mousepad that has a wrist rester, but buy a nice cloth feeling mouse pad with a wrist rester so that you don't get the wrong mouse pad, you don't want a wrist wrester mouse pad that feels like it would stick to your wrist.

A good reason for that tower/case for the desktop pc to put everythign into, the one I mentioned, is because it has alot of fans to keep your pc cool that already come with in, no installtion needed with the fans, many of them are a light blue color, really nice looking, be sure to keep it from collecting dust by wiping it off and cleaning it out sometimes properly.
That's another thing to mention, be careful when installing your motherboard or other parts, make sure to touch metal that will remove any static from you, before you touch pc parts when installing or messing around inside the case.

Heating. -
On hot days, be sure your pc has enough room to breath air, as well as has a cool room temp of at least 70 degrees if you can, or have fans all around it and blowing all around the house, be careful not to over use a pc on a hot day, I mean such as the type of program that you load might make the fans whistle louder, which means things are heating up even more, smaller whistle sounds from fans on a hot day, is ok, just don't push it too far. Wait until the afternoon around 6, open windows at that point, have lots of fans going to create airflow.
You will need the case to have alot of fans also for hot days, or if your hardware gets hot as well on cool days, it's always nice to have plenty of fans, and the case I mentioned has them.

Surge protector. -
One more thing.
Don't ever plug a computer into a wall outlet for power without one, always plug it into the surge protector first, then plug the surge protector into the wall outlet.
Surge protectors will protect your computer from the lightning, but alot of times can only be used once, alot of times they will shut down the computer instantly, but they block an incoming surge from lightning that could destroy your computer hardware inside it, kind of like an emp, electro magnetic pulse, which fries electronic hardware, computers, TVs, and other hardware inside and outside of the house, down the street, and all over the world if it was a bad emp, etc.
Don't forget to be careful around the cords or surge protector on and off switch, it slowly damages the registry and software on the harddrive if the desktop computer is turned off unproperly, that is why you always go to the start menu and click shut down properly.

You might think this is alot, or on price, be sure to do your research on each part I have given, right away, and you will see what I mean about how easy it is, save each hardware that you find on a webpage, to your favorites in the browser, for the ones you will buy or want to buy.

I hope this helps you while building a new computer, this should be easy, buy the cheap parts such as the ram for now after you buy the motherboard, cpu, and the tower/case, use an old graphics card that you can find for now, or try a cheap one that is ok, then buy the graphics card I recommended after saving up.
As you can upgrade the parts on the motherboard over time, as well as the case is expandable for allowing those parts to fit inside. =)
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