SCP-049 May 29 @ 7:55pm
Why did Lee lose the jacket?
He looked awesome, why did they scrap that in eps 3-5
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Miss-Chibi-Godd May 30 @ 1:02am 
The Dark Knight Sparda May 30 @ 9:54am 
Maybe a walker grabed hold of it and tried to bit him so he got.. mugged?
iorek Jun 1 @ 9:27pm 
So that his arms would be unprotected and the thing that happens on ep.4 is possible
Adrian Shepard Aug 8 @ 4:49pm 
Thank you, I was wondering if someone asked this. I tought it was weird considering you can see Lee wearing the jacket in the pictures before selecting a chapter. And everyone is dressed better against the cold considering that winter is coming. A point can be made that he had no time to grab it when the bandits attacked but still, he looked better with it.
ghiz876 Aug 9 @ 9:26am 
I'm guessing people at the time preferred his older look, so they scrapped the jacket. I prefer him without it anyway.
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