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Moskibear 2013年2月3日 22時27分
Love this series
Been enjoying Ys Origin, even though I have yet to finish it, I love the combat and storyline and was hoping the other games would get a release, so many thanks for Ys I&II getting a release as well XSEED :-) cheers

最近の変更はMoskibearが行いました; 2013年2月3日 22時28分
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Mechanical Rhythm 2013年5月16日 18時41分 
Asr163 2013年5月17日 0時37分 
i love this series too and i wish they would bring Ys: The Ark of Napishtim to steam, its the only ys PC game thats not on steam yet.
Doctor Cool 2013年5月17日 1時53分 
great series
Moskibear 2013年5月17日 9時15分 
I hope they will bring Ark to pc as well at some point, as well as the latest ones.. time will tell or show I suppose now that we got Ys 1 and 2 on Steam as well :-)
Rogerz 2013年5月25日 21時42分 
I hope they bring ALL Ys games to pc. Loved Ys Origin and Oath in Felghana.
DinoRex79 2013年6月2日 11時07分 
I haev the Japanese version of Ark of Naphishtim with the fan English translation; it was done really well and professional. If you can't wait for an English steam version, if it ever comes out, then just get the Japanese version and patch it with the fan English translation.
Aurora3500 2013年7月9日 18時02分 
This is a great series. Its thanks to steam releasing it here that I found out about it. Eventually I plan to play all the games in the series if possible
Hegmyc™ 2013年7月13日 11時37分 
I started with Ys Origins, now in sale i bought the othters, hope they are as great as Origins :)
Kalroahr 2013年7月13日 15時10分 
Ys is a great gameseries
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