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garnerh42 2013年4月7日 8時07分
Can't see option to save
I got to the first save statue, but when I go to the menus I don't see any option to save. I see Load, Options, Inventory, etc, but no Save.

If it matters I'm using an Xbox controller and I installed the game on a different drive than C.
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garnerh42 2013年4月7日 8時46分 
Found a walkthrough and saw the option to save came up when they walked up to the save statue. I hear the little chime, but no menu pops up. Any idea?

I'll try starting over again.
garnerh42 2013年4月7日 9時06分 
Restarting fix my problem. Hopefully this will help others if they run into the same problem.
Waypoint 2013年4月7日 11時45分 
The chime is just the statue healing you when you get close. You have to actually examine it to get the save/blessing menu.
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