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Night 2013年4月2日 9時09分
lost save game
So while playing Yunica I got through the mantid boss saved then went to sleep. Came back a week later had a notice i had to update Ys origions and now my saved games are rolled all the way back to where im in the mid 20's level wise not sure about content. Does anyone know how i can get my old save game back or if its even possible?
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DerXello 2013年4月2日 11時35分 
I think thats not possible.
Case closed.
DarkestLight 2013年6月1日 21時29分 
I opened up my game today for the first time in a few months to find my nightmare "The Claw" profile set back to level 22 in the guilty fire. I was at the end of the Silent sands around level 32-33 or so. I even have credit for beating the Guilty Fire end-boss with him.

This apparently is possible
Case not closed.
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