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Bryff 2013. márc. 23. @ de. 11:52
[Bug] Monster Data #65
Don't know if this is known out there but when you look at the pages in the monster data, #65 is Hekat-Baocar, yet when you look at the page where it's just the list of names, #65 is Tenat-Baocar, and is the same as #52.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Bryff; 2013. márc. 23. @ de. 11:53
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Ki11s0n3 2013. márc. 23. @ du. 12:12 
It isn't a bug but rather 2 different types of the same monster like how some glow red and how the slimes are different colors depending on what area you are in.
Bryff 2013. márc. 24. @ de. 8:42 
I don't think you understand what I'm saying. Here's some screenshots.

Here you see the first page, it has 3 types of baocars

Here you see the second page and the page for #52. Tenat-Baocar

But if you look here, you will see that #65 is also Tenat-Baocar!

The name should be Hekat-Baocar, which it shows in the actual page for it
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