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Life on Mars? 2013年11月25日下午3:19
Anyone know the track names in the Music folder?
I'm listening the .ogg files, but I want to name them. I was planning to use VGMDB tracklist, but they aren't in the same order...
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Danielfp 2013年11月25日下午4:36 
I do that too, look this link:
this is what you want to know?
Life on Mars? 2013年11月25日下午4:56 
That's the same tracklist from VGMDB, the thing is that I do not now what's the name of each track. Say, in the music folder Silent Desert is 06, but in the official tracklist is 15.

I suppose I'll just listen each track from both tracklists and rename them.
Story Rich Skyrim 2013年11月25日下午5:07 
最后由 Story Rich Skyrim 编辑于; 2013年11月25日下午5:09
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