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Compatibility issues with analog
Some controlers do not have 100% function with Ys. The biggest issue at hand is the analog sitcks from a controller registering haywire inputs; most notable at the start screen.

I tried using a 360 and a PS4 controller on this game, but to no avail. So I just settled down with a Dual Shock 2 USB converter.

Anybody else have the same problem?
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Blink 2014年4月25日上午11:34 
Have you made sure to calibrate your analog sticks in Windows?
Finesser of Thots 2014年4月25日下午8:07 
tried it out with both controllers; problem not solved.

I guess that's what "partial controller support" means.
Xenogious 2014年5月15日下午10:26 
I'm having the same issue. It seems the controller is not registered as input.
最后由 Xenogious 编辑于; 2014年5月15日下午10:29
Xenogious 2014年5月20日上午11:57 
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my 360 controller works fine o.o i didn't have to do anything

I tried my 360 controller as well, still doesnt register.
Xudmud 2014年5月22日下午10:45 
My 360 controller works, only thing that doesn't seem to work is rumble.
Xenogious 2014年5月23日上午11:31 
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My 360 controller works, only thing that doesn't seem to work is rumble.
are you using a standard 360 controller, mine connects thru usb from play and charge connection but still no response
Xudmud 2014年5月23日下午5:27 
Afterglow controller, so wired. I believe the play and charge connection is just a charging port, but the controller is still trying to connect wirelessly. You'd either need a wired 360 controller or the wireless receiver for PC to get that to work.
最后由 Xudmud 编辑于; 2014年5月23日下午5:28
Finesser of Thots 2014年5月26日下午7:18 
huh, so i finally got it working with my Dualshock 4.

It turns out you just need to use DS4 tool, which is weird because I tried troubleshooting the problem with it. Must be a driver problem on my end.
Regulus 2014年5月27日上午5:11 
The Dual Shock 4's default driver has analog on the triggers (X-rotation and Y-rotation). At neutral position, both register as 0. Many games read these as an analog stick, and (0,0) is the top left. With no way to tell the Ys games to ignore those axes, there's no way to prevent this from happening (short of constantly holding the triggers halfway in). It's unfortunate, too, because the DS4 is otherwise an exellent directinput pad.

Using something like DS4tool works, though, because it basically turns the DS4 into a 360 pad.
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