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Martoq Jul 27, 2014 @ 2:42pm
Need Help
How do you get Hugo past the Demon Trap? The one that sucks you in and ports you at the beginning of the game. Tried using the Force Shield I just got and it didn't work. Any help is appreciated.
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Malice Jul 27, 2014 @ 3:36pm 
Get the hammer from the Roo a bit outside then use it in the area before just like for Ys I. This is why the game is meant to be played after Ys I and II.
Korzic Jul 27, 2014 @ 4:13pm 
Umm, I think the person is talking about the teleport trap in the very beginning of the game. Just continue exploring the area the trap warps you to, and you'll eventually get the Blue Moon Crest, which allows you access to a boss. Defeat that, and you'll find some more items to explore some of the earlier parts (before the trap), one of which allows you to find a character that has just the item you need to help get past it.
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The non-spoilers version of the above post is that there is no way to avoid the trap, it's all part of the story. Just keep going, and you'll find out what to do. Also using the shell (communication item you got at the start) when you are wondering what to do often gives you hints.
Crinkle Jun 3 @ 11:18am 
Hello there, I am at this area. I fed the roo and my stick was upgraded, but when i go back to the teleport room i still get pulled in. Nothing has changed and I've explored all available areas. Is this meant to be the end of the game?
You need a special item in order to get past the Teleport trap.

You receive this item from a character. The character is hidden behind the locked door a few rooms before the teleport trap. You'll also need a second item to find the character within the room.

Both the key to the room and the second item you need are located after the first Boss of the game, which is accessed from the room that the teleport trap transports you to. However, you need a third item in order to access the Boss (this being the Blue Moon Crest).

NOTE: If you've upgraded the Stick via the Roo, you should already have the Blue Moon Crest. Go back to the 4th Floor Savepoint and use it in the corresponding indentation at the back of the room.
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