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Mantis... wtf
So I have lvl 5 weapon, and max spells, and I can't manage to deal damage to mantis.
Is there an ore I left out? And if yes, where are the ores?

I've seen a video, the guy in the video dealt around 20+ dmg to mantis with 1 phoenix. I deal 1.
Btw I play as Yunica now.
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The mantis is level 40, you are probably underleveled. The first weapon augmentation is once you meet the first Roo, the second after you fight Epona in the Flooded prison, the next piece is at the top end of the Devil's corridor section and there is another piece guarded by red glowing scorpions in the Blighted Blood tier, so IIRC level 5 weapon is the maximum for the mantis. Also, you might want to use bolt crash against the mantis. That way you guard the green buzzsaws it launches and damage both heads (it takes double damage).

Also, check the level of your phoenix attack, you maybe missed a ruby rather than a piece of Cleria.
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All spells are max tho. I tought in the video I see lvl6 weapons, but it was bad quality, so it can be lvl5 too... I try to lvl up too thanks!
You're wellcome!
correction, you missed some cleria. You are supposed to have a level 6 weapon, just checked on time attack. Forgot that weapon starts with level1... I listed the locations of ore above, except for one. In the silent sands, you're supposed to go left on the 3-way "slide", and past a short section with 2 dragons, there is a passage to a chest.
Thanks, then I think I missed the one in blighted blood or dunno..
And how the hell can I kill it? Now I have lvl 6 weapon, and deal dmg, but everytime I kill it it heals itself up, and I can't kill those little guys...
Each time it heals, the little spawns it releases are weaker. Once you depleted its' health, it usually does the high jump that knocks you away and sends two ruptures at you and releases them again. Once it jumps, charge a phoenix and shoot it after they're out. Start charging while it's healing. Or dash towards it right after it sent out the ruptures. It will launch one buzzsaw attack, and then leave a large opening while releasing the minions. Hit away with Bolt Crash, damage the Mantis and the minions together.
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Waypoint Aug 16, 2014 @ 9:45pm 
You can also go straight for the minions. They don't respawn, they just get recycled.
Ziuaq Aug 17, 2014 @ 1:51am 
If the minions continue to be a problem, just go straight for the boss everytime. Eventually it stops its minion cycle after enough revives to throw multiple attacks at you and that will be your opportunity to kill it.
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