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♥ A S I A N L O V E ♥ 2012年9月17日 20時26分
Hi there, i was checking out this game and ys origin, and i was wondering if there is japanese audio ingame, or is it just sub? Didn't find the information anywhere, so thank you in advance if you know.
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jfoe1980 2012年9月19日 18時36分 
I would like to know this as well seeing as how it's a port of a old Japanese windows game and not a Turbo Grafx CD gme. Hold on a minute I own this LOL, I can just load it up and see/
jfoe1980 2012年9月19日 18時58分 
Looks like origin is french with eng subs, there is no option for japanese audio with eng sub, and felghana had no voice. Keep in mind i only played each game a few minutes/
♥ A S I A N L O V E ♥ 2012年9月19日 19時37分 
Okay, i see. Thank you for you replay. Still a killer game tho, bought it yesterday. Wasen't any japanese voice acters :|. But they say it will maybe come to the next game, so just gonne keep my fingers crossed =P
SilverCrono 2012年9月23日 12時39分 
There is no voice acting, and the game language is in English. Well, I'm sure you figured that out by now. :P
Char 2012年10月11日 7時34分 
The Felghana version with audio is the one in PSP.
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