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Arngrim Apr 27, 2013 @ 10:11pm
First Impressions: Amazing
I've only logged 70 minutes in game, probably only half of that actually spent playing and the other half screwing around in training and I have to say as a true PvP gamer (that's what I fancy myself anyway) I have to say this game's first impression has me awe inspired. I'll break my thoughts down for DEV feedback and possibly anyone that might be interested in giving it a try.


1. This game, as far as I can tell, is SOLELY skill based and that is something that is pretty much non-existent in today's gaming market. There is no grinding for gear, for loot, or earning better characters, you just step in game and it's all up to you. There is a rank system, but that doesn't seem to correlate to anything other than keeping experienced players out of militia area and farming the crap out of them (thanks for that).

2. Deceptively simple combat system that actually has an incredible amount of depth that rewards quick relfexes and REQUIRES you to aim EVERYTHING and judge distance for yourself. There is no hand holding and no auto hits, you have to keep your eye on the prize and your environment. You can stagger and juggle characters meaning DODGING and BLOCKING are a must if you don't want to die.

Case in point, I caught the gun girl (don't know her name off hand) in melee, charge stunned her, popped her into the air and then killed her before she hit the ground.

3. Balance is pretty good so far. Ranged characters need to kite and don't have cheese "flash" or "blink" abilities they can spam to get away (from what I saw anyway). Out of the three matches I played nothing felt overpowered, and I saw all of the characters in this week's rotation in use. After crossing blades and spells with a character a few times you start to learn how fast it takes them to attack and what their guard break abilities look like and avoid them.

4. Fairly quick paced matches are a sight for sore eyes. I don't think any of the matches I played even got close to the 15 minute marker and were pure carnage the whole time. This is great since many games demand your attention for 30 minutes or more for one sit down. No "farming creeps" or any other BS mechanics, you just roll out and fight.

5. Vibrant visuals are pretty sweet and I enjoy the art style, even though I tend to dislike Anime-ish type stuff. My computer isn't top of the line and is a year old and plays the game on max settings without any trouble.

6. Drop in and drop out ability is great and doesn't punish players, thanks for that. Some of us have lives and might need to leave in the middle of a match!

7. Did I mention skill based? The third game I played was 2v3 for about 75% of the match and we won. I didn't take a screen shot so the whole "pics or it didn't happen" is legitimate, but I went 25 kills and 4 assits on my third match played. I'm not amazing I'm sure but I've been gaming a long time and it was just nice to see I could pick up and play with good success against other starter players.


1. Transitioning from block to attack feels incredibly awkward. This is probably intentional to prevent cheesing but it's something I'll get used to after a few more matches I'm sure.

2. Uhhh... that's it so far actually.

THANKS FOR A FUN GAME! I'm sure I'll be brawling it up often and I'll drop some cash on pay day when I'm safe from getting shanked by the wife.
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Maestromind Apr 27, 2013 @ 10:50pm 
Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.
DYSEQTA Apr 28, 2013 @ 6:36am 
Originally posted by Allajh:
First Impressions: Amazing
/me faints
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