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[Fakedice] Jin Apr 17, 2013 @ 7:26am
A part of original novel
This is why we need good translater.


The Empress of Darkness and Seven’s League

Garura Fever.
The great empire Val Nar which dominated the Tiseira at the early time was came to the ground by suddenly spread god’s infection “Garura Fever”. The Naga who was dominated by the Garura succeeded to the World’s supremacy, but Naga also disappeared by the rebellion of human and elves.
Afterward, the world’s supremacy fell into the human’s hand.
Thus, the elves who is deprived of the initiative of civilization to the human laid a finger on prohibited magic for their reinstatement. The Empress of Darkness, Massaerath who is descended upon the world by prohibited magic of the elves, destroyed the civilization of the elves with strong power of the magic and ruled the barbarian of the north, giants, and snowmen. The Queen’s Land, the strong nation of the north which threatens the Tiseira, was established by that way.
The Empress of Darkness Massaerath who is the queen of the evil wicked- spirits killed the elves and annexed countries for the purpose of the supremacy of the Tiseira. Many countries were absorbed forcibly and perished by armed force of her. Moreover, her military force increased whenever she took a step forward.
At least in the western area, it seemed that there was no one to discourage her.
When barbarians who is lead by the Empress of Darkness ‘Massaerath’ invaded from the north part, nobody thinks about the federation of seven cities. However, there was an elderly magician who formed a league of seven cities.
The wizard Shielz Hassen who is the Tribune of the city state ‘Odessa’ and the dean of the Tower of Black Pillar make seven city states, ‘Odessa’, ‘Barandale’, ‘Ginia’, ‘Alonzo’, ‘Syslidgue’, ‘Daffenal’, and ‘Magassen’ as one federation.
The most elite troops from the seven city states were unified as a whole under the command of the ‘Acias’ who is the disciple of the Shielz Hassen. And then they succeeded in beating off an attack of barbarians of the ‘Massaerath’.
The ambition of the Empress of Darkness is dejected by them. The Seven’s league, that is the shield of the north, was established by that way. After the invasion of the ‘Massaerath’, the people make the Seven’s league as one United States and one nation in honor of the contribution of the Shielz Hassen and the Acias. The huge city states’ alliance was formed bloodlessly by the combination of seven countries which have their own culture and history.
The shield of the freedom stops the invasion of the Empress of Darkness.
The Seven’s league as the strongest civilized country of the west became the new leader which strives for mastery of the Tiseira.
But, there was a deep-rooted friction among the Seven’s league, and then there were a still threat of the Empress of Darkness.

Chapter 1 – Princess Valle and brother and sister of calamity

Valle Estrada stood on the watchtower with wearing a blue-white armor. Dragon-scale combat cloak, blue-white armor, and long flowing white-gold hair shined at the dark of the night, so all the people and the military looked at the watchtower ecstatically. Valle Estrada who is held in high esteem as one of the seven patron saints of the Seven’s league, that is a federation of the seven cities, worked her own duty in silence.
“Princess, night wind is cold. You can come into the inside”
The Ceroll, who is the aide of princess, said with worried tone of voice beside her.
“Do I catch a cold by night wind?”
Princess Valle Estrada saw the aide with a smile as she heard a joke.
When porcelain-like skin and blue pupil like a sapphire stared at an aide, her senescent aide escaped her eyes bashfully. This old soldier who fought around her from his early ages became a boy in front of her even though he already had a grand-son because she is really beautiful.
A porcelain-like skin and blue pupil like a sapphire, and the flare of will which blazed up in her pupil fascinate the people without distinction of sex or age. Even though there is a long scar over her right eye, that scar never defames her beauty. But rather, that scar was a last touch that makes a warrior Princess Valle Estrada. A scar makes her not a doll in the glass-fronted cabinet but a living, breathing warrior.
“Even though you are a Dragon’s Avatar, how about are you taking some rest?”
“There is no time to rest in this situation”
“There is news that one of small countries of the north was captured by the Empress of Darkness, and there are an endless flow of refugees along with the Linan River. This is not a strange situation that enemy invades on some occasion, and she could not sleep on a calm conscience as the high general.
“Ceroll. How about taking some rest? Aren’t you old as a human?”
“No. I am not old. I can’t pass on this position to the young.”
“Though. Ah, a present rank of your son is captain? Right?”
“He is not suitable yet. He doesn’t have an ability to assist her. I can’t grant a concession of this position to anyone over my dead body”
The old military officer who spent his whole life at the battle field shook his head from side to side. A thought that the next seat of Princess Valle Estrada was captivated by someone make him bleak. Even if his son wants to that position, he won’t make any concession. By his attitude, Valle Estrada just had a smile.
“By the way, refugees continuously come in to this place. Soldiers are also very tired for inspection.”
“Yes. Ah, do you hear that story?”
Ceroll talked to Princess Valle Estrada with all smiles. Since guarding the watching tower at night is boring. So, if anyone initiates a conversation like this, nobody hates this conversation. And then, Princess Valle Estrada also picked her ears and listen.
“What kind of story?”
“The Solram which was collapsed in today send an envoy to return the refugees”
“Is Solram collapsed? How dose perished nation send an envoy? Moreover, it’s shameless request.”
Returning the refugees was same with that they were killed. They were not any help to save the people and rather kill them who escaped from the death. There is nothing to talk about this.
“The problem is that the king of Solram made an agreement with the Empress of Darkness, and then the Solram is not collapsed yet legally. Do the Empress of Darkness and its faction probably manipulate the king as a marionette? Most of the people talk like that. Requests of an envoy are quite lawful”
“Do they manipulate him with a magic?”
“I think that is not true, but rather the king was originally a person of small nature. If he fends for himselves by devoting the nation, he can directly throw away the nation and the people.”
“Considering that kind of things, he contrived to endure one month. I think that there are not many countries to endure one month from the Empress of Darkness.”
Princess Valle tilted her head sideways. Of course, the Empress of Darkness didn’t carry out a full-scale attack. Distance between the Solram and the ‘Queen’s land’ where is dominated by the Empress of Darkness is quite long, and that root is obstructed by the Nathgarl Mountains that is the most dangerous zone of the North. Nonetheless, such small country like Solram could not endure one month.
“It, That, I heard that the general of the Solram is a prodigious tactician.”
“The prodigious tactician?”
Eyebrows of Princess Valle lifted. Since she was a soldier, she was also a little bit concerned that someone is the prodigious tactician.
“Yes. Surprisingly, the prodigious tactician has guarded a full-scale attack for 1 week without any help. Whether it’s true or not, all the refugees extol his contribution.”
The Ceroll who is the aide of the Princess Valle talked that story with excitement. He was really thrilled that Princess Valle showed an interest to his story.
“Hmmm. He looks good people. If he didn’t die yet, I want to use him at my side.”
“Of course, He was dead. All the good people are dead earlier.”
“Hmmm. Is it true? But then, the refugees come into like this since he was dead.”
Princess Valle stared at the up of the Linan River. At that time, something jumped to her eyes.
“Oh, no!”
Princess Valle rubbed her eyes. After rubbing her eyes, what she saw was not changed.
“What’s that?”
“That is Wyvern”
“Wyvern? Is it Wyvern?
“Yes. That is the Black”
Princess Valle picked up combat hammer and shield which she put down beside her. Astonishingly, one of the ‘Lord of Despair’, the general of the Queen’s land who is found favor with the Empress of Darkness, came down from the north of the Solram.

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[Fakedice] Jin Apr 17, 2013 @ 7:27am 
There was a pillar of fire with an explosive sound. One ship that went down a river was blazed up, and refugees over that ship were fallen down because they couldn’t endure that shock.
“Oh my god, Lord of Despair”
Refugees were frightened. Refugees of the Solram already knew well the desperate power of the Lord of Despair. Therefore, he looked down them on the Wyvern in the sky.
“Listen carefully, wormlike refugees”
Lord of Despair said like that with overlooking them on the Wyvern. A bleak voice like a ghost reechoed to people’s ears. Even though, the ship was fired and mast was broken, his voice was heard clearly.
“A disciple and daughter of the Remanasark were hidden in those crowds. If you provide them, I let you go. If not, all of you will be died with them. And this is not a falsehood.”
After saying like that, Lord of Despair raised his hand over head. Magic flame was gathered around his hand. A flare was exploded again to the ship that was already broken by the first strike.
The ship was severed in two with an explosive sound and refugees fell down a cold river. Lord of Despair sniffed in that scenery and drove to another ship with Wyvern. Even though sailor on the ship returned a fire to the Wyvern, and that armed Wyvern flew into another ship without that fire.
“Stupid people”
After Whirlpool at the surface of water, there went up a huge column of water. Those columns of water hit the both side of ship. Inland and river running ship that was planned weakly to the wave was rapidly dented. Despite of magical attack of the magician on the ship, a man who was baptized by the Empress of Darkness easily defended his magic. Through an easy protection spell, there was a strong defense cordon that is not easily broken by the normal magician.
“help me”
“Damn, find out the a disciple and daughter of the Remanasark”
Urgent refugees surrendered to him who destroyed their country and killed most of them.
Remanasark was a commander who fought against The Empress of Darkness at the Sorlam. And through his remarkable activities, lots of refugees could be escaped from the war like this. In other words, Lord of Despair requested that refugees repaid his kindness through revenge.
That was kind of difficult request that is not accepted as a human being, but Lord of Despair raged refugees with a threatening attitude. He moved all over the place on the wyvern which is bigger than the ship, simultaneously he poured lots of dangerous magic to the ship and made a flare in those ships then killed the people. In this circumstance, they could provide a disciple and daughter of the Remanasark and the Remanasark himselves as well.
However, Lord of Despair continuously attacked them as like he wanted to kill all of them from the first. Southern part of this river, after sailing into about 1 kilometer, there was a territory of the Seven’s League, he had to go to the end right now. Actually, he didn’t expect from a request that provide disciple and daughter.
But, this attitude underestimated the tenacity of people who want to live.
“Here is a child of the Remanasark”
There was a sound that was shouted in chorus at a pulled ahead ship.
Princess Valle watched a scene that Lord of Despair slaughtered refugees, and she clenched her teeth. She had a dash at this war field with her hammer and shield, but her aide stopped her from dashing.
“No, there is out of our territory, and there is still a territory of the Solram”
“Is Solram already ruined?”
“But, it is not ruined legally. If you dashed into that field, it is interference in domestic affairs. They have a personally handwritten letter of the king.”
Princess Valle is not the slow person. She knew her position well and also knew how this circumstance is going to be changed. If a case that refugees came into fortress was happened, she couldn’t dash at this situation without stated case. But he is the general of the Queens’ Land ‘Lord of Despair’, and he did this thing by the request of the king of the Solram right now. Comparing to this situation, she was completely an outsider, and if she crossed a line, this could be a pretext of the war. We didn’t have anything to do except just watching.
However, the general of the Queens’ Land ‘Lord of Despair’ had the matchless power. Could remnants of soldiers who were defeated and refugees live against the ‘Lord of Despair’? That’s impossible. While she was watching this scene, the ship was fired by the unrelenting downpour of magic flare. And whenever the Wyvern dropped suddenly, the people were thrown to a river like a doll. The enemy is only one, and one is Lord of Despair. Any refugees couldn’t defeat him.
“Open the castle gate and floodgate!”
Princess Valle ordered to open the gate of the fortress. If this could be a trick of the enemy, she couldn’t let refugees die in front of her. However, she couldn’t dash to them for a rescue. So, opening door for easy escaping to fortress is only permitted to her. As a soldier, a further action was not possibly permitted.
“I can’t endure anymore. Ceroll. Follow me!”
Princess Valle spelled the magic on the watchtower. After then the light surrounded her, simultaneously there was a huge blue dragon on the watchtower without her image. The dragon made its own huge body stand up and roared to the sky. And then, it flew up into the sky and went up the Linan River. By that scene, Lord of Despair also broke off for a moment as like he was also shocked. Everybody knew that the dragon is the original image of the Princess Valle who is one of the High general of the Seven’s League. There is no popular person like the Princess Valle at the northern part. However, Lord of Despair focused on killing refugees even though the original image of Princess Valle was appeared. If Princess Valle attacked him, a cause of anxiety would be happened. For this reason, isn’t he doing anything?
But, Princess Valle didn’t have a characteristic to overlook this tragedy.
[Fakedice] Jin Apr 17, 2013 @ 7:28am 
Arche blade Remanasark is the greatest general that defends northern small country Solram and avoids troops of The Empress of Darkness for 1 week alone and the descendant of the Chien_we_style Tactic.
One boy and girl called as his disciple and daughter stood up on the deck with haggard appearance. Refugees crammed them and threatened to them with a club. Refugees had to defend this boy and girl because they are the family of Remanasark who make refugees live. However, there were mad at the situation that Lord of Despair threatened them with a rain of fire. If not the blonde boy called as a disciple of Remanasark held a big sword which is almost same with his height, refugees directly dashed to them and would provide them to Lord of Despair.
“If you want a fight, come on from who wants to die earlier. Don’t cut in line! Do I make number tickets?”
Despite a dirty and weary appearance by long life of escape, the boy was plucky sarcastic and bobbed his finger up and down. Refugees were startled by his vigor, nobody dashed to him.
“Let’s attack together!”
“O, Ok!”
They said like that and just watched the others. Nobody dashed to him. There was no crack to him who stood up with a big sword that was tilted to the ground and held by both hands. He stood up in front of the house and stared at refugees who stood up without any blind spots, and simultaneously watched the ‘Lord of Despair’ who overlooked this scene from the sky.
A red hair girl who grabbed a boy’s hand fell down to the ground out of balance. At that moment, one of refugees abruptly dashed to the boy.
The boy jumped out to the front and hit a face of refugee with a palm. Refugee thought that the boy had an adequate ability to combat because he had a robust physique. But, newt happened thing struck terror into their hearts. Through being beaten by the palm, a body of refugee was flown back and crushed a banister and fell down to the river.
“Bring a pole and spear!”
Refugees ran about in confusion by a fierce resistance of the boy. The Lord of despair who overlooked this scene from the sky couldn’t help laughing.
“There is a no such thing that mice capture cub tigers”
Lord of Despair putted the strong pillar of fire at the bow of the ship through spelling the magic. But, at that time, surprised thing was happened. The boy who fought with refugees just before broke the spell made by the Lord of Despair using Spell Wedge with making the mudra and raise hand over head.
Since continuously same spells were casted, analysis about spell was ended. However, that is quite outrageous that he got that Spell Wedge. How this momentarily made attack spell was collapsed. That was evidence that a boy already knew his next move. Lord of Despair who made crying stops crying disgraced himselves in public.
“If you want to capture that mouse, directly come down this place!”
How that dying boy could have any power? A boy provoked Lord of Despair with a sonorous voice.
“All right, if you go crazy to be dead, I am compelled to do this.”
Lord of Despair got off a Wyvern with holding a combat staff that was stuck at the saddle of a Wyvern. Lord of Despair who was in steel armor all over the body stood up on the side banister lightly like a feather. A black aura that was substantialized by his body was clearly wriggled under the darkness of the moonlit night. Refugees dared not to fight against him, and they just backed off and provided a seat for them.
A boy pointed a big sword at Lord of Despair. Even though he was a disciple of the Arche blade Remanasark and collapsed a magic of Lord of Despair one time, there is no chance of winning. However, he loomed ahead of Lord of Despair for the purpose of defending a girl who sank into the ground.
“Like the teacher, like the disciple. One by one really make me irritated.”
Lord of Despair went ahead to that place and brandished a combat staff. A boy who was a disciple of Remanasark also swung a big sword to him. And a big sword and staff were crossed at the air.
Surprisingly boy’s sword hit a leg armor of Lord of Despair. But it was a light attack on steel armor because it is made by exhausted boy. Brandished staff of the Lord of Despair was grazed a face of boy.
A blood was poured around, and there was a spread strong smell. A smell similar with one of fine-tree, more grace and exclusive smell were run on the ship. A boy was reeled and went back, but he never fell down. He put a big sword to the sides of a ship, and barely kept his balance through using a sword as a staff. This dying person dared to point a sword to Lord of Despair. Lord of Despair was dumbfounded.
“You…are Gandharva”
Lord of Despair was really surprised.
Gandharva is one of the Eight Ancient Races and one of the celestial races who ride a cloud, play the celestial instrument, and drink dew. That is not difficult to see these races at the Tiseira, but that case is only limited to the angel. As a fatal and correct life, Gandharva is very scarce. A strong smell from boy’s blood proved that a boy is a fine Gandharva. If he was not the pure Gandharva, few of pure Gandharva were blended at the boy’s paternal generations.
Lord of Despair adjusted his grip on the combat staff. After he spelled the magic, electric sparks flew up from the staff. A boy who was covered with the blood by attack a while ago couldn’t stop this attack.
A Bloody boy stood up in front of a girl with spelling a magic. He wanted to parry a magic of the Lord of Despair through using his body as a shield. But, this was quite useless action. This casted magic of Lord of Despair was not same with former magic. The casted thunder light that was made after the doublet-triplet protection magic would straightly burn them and the make as an ash.
A guardian of Seven’s League which have an antagonistic relationship with Lord of Despair couldn’t endure and directly dashed in that battle. That was an expected situation of Lord of Despair who had the letter of the king of Solram.
“Dumb dragon get the right decoy.”
There was a resonant shout from the sky. Surprisingly, there was an enormous blue-dragon what was wandering around.
7 general who defends the Seven’s League, High general Princess Valle.
Lord of Despair released a bounded torrent of Lightning. A terrifying torrent of Lightning swallowed up girls and boys. A terrifying torrent of Lightning engulfed a boy and a girl, and it struck houses and the ship's mast, the whole ship. Explosion of the vapor made by vaporizing the moisture in the soaked wood tore wood like a pulp. Tremendous electrical energy was going to all directions and it caused the discharge. It was reminiscent of fireworks. Refugees died instantly by direct electrical spark and were burned through being boiled by a water vapor storm, or were falling into a river. After the fearsome power of the electric torrent was exploded, a ship was also exploded.
"You swine!"
A blue dragon wandered in the air was transformed into a woman's appearance with a light. She chose to fight in the form of Avatar than a shape of dragon which can’t float a long time in the place. She jumped in the air and stood up over the surface of the water. Originally she could be submerged, but she looked like standing on a rock by Magic, even she was treading above water. Of course, Lord of Despair stood above the surface of the water to greet her.
“Do you think that I’ll stop by your saying?"
Lord of Despair said sarcastically. Since he just killed Arche Blade Remanasark who brought shame to himselves, a disciples and daughter of Remanasark, his bleak voice was dispelled a lot. He was glad after he killed a boy and a girl who didn’t keep their balance and countless refugees.
"Sneaky black trash!"
Princess Valle jumped into battle-field with holding a combat hammer. A hammer in the hands of her was flown like a bullet. However, the Lord of Despair grasped and turned the stick with both hands round and round, and the interval between them became widened. While ‘Dragon' Valor’, which was a favorite magic for Avatar of Dragon, was triggered, hand to hand fighting with Avatar was a suicide.
" Valle Estrada! You now invade Solram with unauthorized right! Do you aware of you as a Sevens League of soldiers? "
"What? Do you talk to me that I say the Military doctrine in this situation? "
How could I hear the soldier's attitude from the enemy? Princess Valle was stifled.
"I have a letter from the King of Solram. And I am chopped up the rebellion of Solram! What kind of authority make general of Sevens League intervene this fight? Why do not we see this infringement to Queens Land ally Solram as the destruction of a truce?"
Lord of Despair provoked Princess Valle. If he provoked Princess Valle who has a straightforward personality, it will make the situation more serious. Princess Valle just looked scary like to be angry, but suddenly she also looked down in the dumps.
Surprisingly, the boy and the girl were still alive. Boy painfully hugged a girl in one arm and grabbed the broken remains of the ship. How a boy survived despite the colossal power of magic attacks! This showed that boy's magical ability is quite good.
After seeing surviving people and Princess Valle breathed a sigh of relief.
"But excuse me, but do I know you? Lord of Despair, you guys’ characters are all weak. "
"Do you want me to call you as second tin-can?"
Princess Valle said sarcastically but rather Lord of Despair was outraged.
" Elrath! Elrath Nazaruth! Did not we face a few times already! "
"If the black armor and black aura were seen to me, everyone who has same costumes was looked same to me. Are your armor that the military-supplies? Why do you wear all the same things? "
Maybe Princess Valle pretended not to know that for intentionally provoking him, but it seemed to be really forgotten. Lord of Despair Elrath was more upset.
"But are you woman?"
Princess Valle drove a wedge. Angry Elrath held a battle staff.
"Stupid lizard! By your stupid intervention, a coalition in seven cities will be embroiled in the war again! Breaking a truce is depending on you! "
"No. No way!"
Princess Valle shook her head.
"I discard the Department office today! Well, is it Ok now? "
Lord of Despair Elrath was surprised this time. This is unexpected. Lord of Despair, she was baptized into The Empress of Darkness, did not think that a warrior of Sevens league abandon their positions when it is necessary. By Princess Valle saying, if she abandoned her rank, she was able to fight regardless of the armistice.
Besides while there were a few brawls without a fight, remains of the ship touched the national border bridge of city country Daffenal belonging to the of Seven's League. If she went over the territory of Seven's League, Elrath now rather invaded to another country. Elrath was growling and jumped over. Wyvern roamed the sky flew to her and got her using saddle.
Princess Valle took the battle hammer in order to catch her. But then along with her the legs, aide and border patrols came.
"Do not! Princess! "
The old lieutenants screamed and came to run. Princess Valle clenched her teeth and scored a hammer. She put down her hammer and walked on the water. She went up to the boys and girls in the debris of the boat.
Were they are a disciple and daughter of prodigy tactician who lead an army of Solram and defeat The Empress of Darkness? She stretched out her hand and pulled nearly fainting boy and girl submerged in water.
"Are you?"
Even in the midst of stupor, the boys asked her. Princess Valle shook her head and brought a hand on the boy's face.
"Introduction is later. Hey! Save survivors of refugees! All soon! "
Princess Valle embraced the boy and the girl and leaped on the river and climbed the bridge.
[Fakedice] Jin Apr 17, 2013 @ 7:29am 
We really really want to translate this better.
Snax Apr 20, 2013 @ 2:23am 
if im not wrong, this is a korean novel right?
Fenrisulfr May 2, 2013 @ 7:41pm 
Even if you got it the books themselves, they are in Korean, as seen here on my desk
Last edited by Fenrisulfr; May 2, 2013 @ 7:42pm
Kanameru May 2, 2013 @ 9:28pm 
Haha. Well... Regardless of how low the quality of this translation is, you put in the effort, no matter how minimal, to translate it and post it here. So...! Thanks for your hard work~ ^.^
JesamoXD May 4, 2013 @ 1:21am 
Thanks at least we know the story now :D
[Codebrush] Jay May 5, 2013 @ 8:58pm 
Originally posted by 에밀리 디아스Tyson:
Even if you got it the books themselves, they are in Korean, as seen here on my desk

Hello fan.
Fenrisulfr May 5, 2013 @ 9:07pm 
Originally posted by Codebrush Jay:
Originally posted by 에밀리 디아스Tyson:
Even if you got it the books themselves, they are in Korean, as seen here on my desk

Hello fan.

I love you too jay <3
Rina May 28, 2013 @ 3:26am 
wow thanks
Arclypso May 28, 2013 @ 9:04pm 
outstanding try from you jay. Keep it up :)
Arclypso May 28, 2013 @ 9:09pm 
Sooooooo. Any idea where we can get it online and in english?
Achiel May 28, 2013 @ 10:20pm 
Originally posted by Arcon:
Sooooooo. Any idea where we can get it online and in english?

Get someone to translate it for them. Otherwise, we have to just wait.
Aythreuk Jun 2, 2013 @ 10:13am 
Wow..... would definitely read if possible
undefinedyuuki Jun 2, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
Tons of respect Jay. Kudos.
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