Legend of Grimrock
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กำลังแสดง 1-18 จาก 32 รายการ
โดย alexanderdalas1997
Level 4 - Trails of Thought
โดย Korplem
This is a quick walkthrough to get you through the Trails of Thought teleporter puzzle on level 4....
All Iron Doors [Game Banshee]
โดย EpoH
There are ten large Iron Doors found throughout Mount Grimrock's dungeons. They all contain valuable treasure, but require a special touch to open - either finding obscure keys, or solving riddles, or pressing hidden switches. On this page, you'll find det...
Legend of Grimrock All Achievements by T@ger [Ru/En]
โดย T@ger
This article provides more information about all the achievements that are in the game. В этой статье представлена более подробная информация о всех достижениях которые есть в игре. ...
Legend of Grimrock. Курс молодого бойца
โดย DuRango
Руководство по игре Legend of Grimrock, посвящённое основам игры, полностью на русском языке....
How to Rock at Grimrock - In-Depth Guide to Everything
โดย Lohengramm
This is a guide that started out describing the character creation and combat systems of Grimrock. Then it got bigger, and now features the most comprehensive collection of console commands I've been able to piece together from across the internet. In the ...
Quick Spell List (All Spells)
โดย Nichodeamus
Quick Spell List (All Spells) This is a quick "cheat sheet" list of all the spells in the game, Legend Of Grimrock....
The Mage Class Guide
โดย AlexeZ
Guide includes: Mage Class short description Skill Trees Spells Formula Alchemy Recipes Will add more information soon....
Grimrock Achievement Guide
โดย MushaConvoy
Welcome to the Legend of Grimrock achievement guide. Keep in mind there are some spoilers in this guide, you have been warned. Standard disclaimer: This guide is intended for use for those wishing to get the achievements in the game primarily by themsel...
All secrets, all treasure, all skulls
All in one video....
Gameplay: Tips and Tricks
โดย Enforcer
Insightful and helpful gameplay information on character development , combat , inventory , and some miscellaneous information. For tips and tricks on Legend of Grimrock's Dungeon Editor, take a look at [url=http://st...
How to Win at Grimrock
โดย Cos
The strategy that allows you to defeat any enemy you encounter in the dungeons of mount Grimrock with ease....
Руководство по магии
โดย zloiya
Здесь вы найдете формулы заклинайний и ответы на вопросы по магии в Legend of Grimrock...
Legend of Grimrock. RPG по-взрослому
โดย DuRango
Руководство по ролевой системе (раскачке персонажей, их роли в группе и об их вооружении) Legend of Grimrock полностью на русском языке....
Stage 3 : "Teleporter room" Walkrought !
โดย DemKy Nigerian Prince Jones Dimk
Hello, If you have got some problemes with that room, here is the solution. I hope it helped; Have fun. DemKy. ---------------------------- Si vous avez des problème pour passer la salle avec les teleporter, voici une vidéo pour vous montrer...
よくわかるLegend of Grimrock
โดย totoro
Stage 1 : "Loose Rock" Walkrought !
โดย DemKy Nigerian Prince Jones Dimk
Hello, Yes I was stuck here almost 15min... If you are blocked here too, here is the solution. Have fun. DemKy....
"Dungeon Runner" Achievement Guide
There is an achievement available called dungeon runner. You can get that achievement if you finish the first level in under 4 minutes. This is a guide that helps you get that achievement. and it is a lot of fun!!...
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