Encontra e avalia guias comunitários para este jogo. Ou cria os teus guias e partilha as tuas dicas com a comunidade.
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Localfire's Grim Review
por LocalFire
Want to play mods? well half the stuff out there is terrible and if you hit that stuff first it may put you off. Well let me help you out by playing those first and telling you about them, hopefully you can then find the ones you'd be interested in playin...
How to Win at Grimrock
por Cos
The strategy which allows you to defeat any enemy you encounter in the dungeons of mount Grimrock with ease....
Level 2 : Shelter Left, Cells Right
por Nekudota
Level 4 - Trails of Thought
por Korplem
This is a quick walkthrough to get you through the Trails of Thought teleporter puzzle on level 4....
"Dungeon Runner" Achievement Guide
por Throbbin
There is an achievement available called dungeon runner. You can get that achievement if you finish the first level in under 4 minutes. This is a guide that helps you get that achievement. and it is a lot of fun!!...
Level 3: Spectral Relay
por RoarG
Maybe there people like me out there ;) Enjoy the game....
Legend of Grimrock. Курс молодого бойца
por Left behind
Руководство по игре Legend of Grimrock, посвящённое основам игры, полностью на русском языке....
Dungeon Runner Guide
por JackieChan.gc
A guide on how to get the acheivement: Dungeon Runner....
Grimrock Achievement Guide
por MushaConvoy
Welcome to the Legend of Grimrock achievement guide. Keep in mind there are some spoilers in this guide, you have been warned. Standard disclaimer: This guide is intended for use for those wishing to get the achievements in the game primarily by themse...
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