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All Iron Doors [Game Banshee]
by EpoH
There are ten large Iron Doors found throughout Mount Grimrock's dungeons. They all contain valuable treasure, but require a special touch to open - either finding obscure keys, or solving riddles, or pressing hidden switches. On this page, you'll find de...
Stage 2 : Range weapon (sling) / Arme à distance (Fronde)
by DemKy
Stage 2 of the dungeon, here is the first RANGE weapon of the game ! After 10min to find that range weapon for my rogue, I finaly found it, save your time; here it is ! ----------------------------- Voici la fronde qui se situe au 2eme étage du do...
Localfire's Grim Review
by LocalFire
Want to play mods? well half the stuff out there is terrible and if you hit that stuff first it may put you off. Well let me help you out by playing those first and telling you about them, hopefully you can then find the ones you'd be interested in playin...
How to Rock at Grimrock - In-Depth Guide to Everything
by Lohengramm
This is a guide that started out describing the character creation and combat systems of Grimrock. Then it got bigger, and now features the most comprehensive collection of console commands I've been able to piece together from across the internet. In the...
All secrets, all treasure, all skulls
All in one video....
Legend of Grimrock. Курс молодого бойца
by DuRango
Руководство по игре Legend of Grimrock, посвящённое основам игры, полностью на русском языке....
Legend of Grimrock. RPG по-взрослому
by DuRango
Руководство по ролевой системе (раскачке персонажей, их роли в группе и об их вооружении) Legend of Grimrock полностью на русском языке....
Quick Spell List (All Spells)
by Nichodeamus
Quick Spell List (All Spells) This is a quick "cheat sheet" list of all the spells in the game, Legend Of Grimrock....
How to Win at Grimrock
by Cos
The strategy that allows you to defeat any enemy you encounter in the dungeons of mount Grimrock with ease....
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