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Legend of Grimrock All Achievements by T@ger [Ru/En]
by T@ger
Scripting 'fx' in the Dungeon Editor
by JoeyJo0
This guide assumed you have basic knowledge of the Dungeon Editor. How do you put 'fx' in your dungeon? I'm going to show you how in this short tutorial. I'll explain how to spawn 'fx' dynamically and how to do things with your 'fx' object....
Stage 2 : Range weapon (sling) / Arme à distance (Fronde)
by DemKy·٠•●(Nigerian Prince
Stage 2 of the dungeon, here is the first RANGE weapon of the game ! After 10min to find that range weapon for my rogue, I finaly found it, save your time; here it is ! ----------------------------- Voici la fronde qui se situe au 2eme étage du do...
Level 3: Spectral Relay
by RoarG
Maybe there people like me out there ;) Enjoy the game....
Easy Rune 簡単ルーン記号
by Eiran.A欄既卒.jp
Level 4: Archives 3x3 teleporting room guide
by Kootzie
That puzzle in the Trails of thought took me a while to do, and after finishing I had notes left over. So here, I made the notes easy to read and hopefully easy to follow....
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