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All Iron Doors [Game Banshee]
by EpoH
There are ten large Iron Doors found throughout Mount Grimrock's dungeons. They all contain valuable treasure, but require a special touch to open - either finding obscure keys, or solving riddles, or pressing hidden switches. On this page, you'll find de...
Level 4 - Trails of Thought
by Korplem
This is a quick walkthrough to get you through the Trails of Thought teleporter puzzle on level 4....
The basics of Mount Grimrock
by Keostyriaru
The basics of the game to help get you started on your adventures in the beginning of the game...
Level 4: Archives 3x3 teleporting room guide
by Kootzie
That puzzle in the Trails of thought took me a while to do, and after finishing I had notes left over. So here, I made the notes easy to read and hopefully easy to follow....
Stage 3 : Range weapon (BOW) / Arme à distance (Arc)
by DemKy.Ebola
Stage 3 of the dungeon, here is the secret place where you can find the BOW. ----------------------------- Voici la pièce secrette dans laquelle se situe l'arc, l'action se déroule au 3eme étage du donjon. ...
Playthrough on Hard (In progress on Level 5) (Updated May 29th 2014)
by Keostyriaru
A playthrough of the game on hard using original characters with some voiceovers + music...
Level 2 : Shelter Left, Cells Right
by Ikuzashi
よくわかるLegend of Grimrock
by totoro
Stage 2 : Range weapon (sling) / Arme à distance (Fronde)
by DemKy.Ebola
Stage 2 of the dungeon, here is the first RANGE weapon of the game ! After 10min to find that range weapon for my rogue, I finaly found it, save your time; here it is ! ----------------------------- Voici la fronde qui se situe au 2eme étage du do...
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