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"Dungeon Runner" Achievement Guide
by Throbbin
There is an achievement available called dungeon runner. You can get that achievement if you finish the first level in under 4 minutes. This is a guide that helps you get that achievement. and it is a lot of fun!!...
Editor: Tips and Tricks
by Mouse♥
Insightful and helpful editor information on scripting and level design . For tips and tricks on Legend of Grimrock's gameplay, take a look at Gameplay: Tips a...
Dungeon Runner Guide
by JackieChan.gc
A guide on how to get the acheivement: Dungeon Runner....
The basics of Mount Grimrock
by Keostyriaru
The basics of the game to help get you started on your adventures in the beginning of the game...
Stage 3 : Range weapon (BOW) / Arme à distance (Arc)
by DemKy·٠•● Nigerian Prince
Stage 3 of the dungeon, here is the secret place where you can find the BOW. ----------------------------- Voici la pièce secrette dans laquelle se situe l'arc, l'action se déroule au 3eme étage du donjon. ...
Level 4 - Trails of Thought
by Korplem
This is a quick walkthrough to get you through the Trails of Thought teleporter puzzle on level 4....
Level 2 : Shelter Left, Cells Right
by Nekudota
Playthrough on Hard (In progress on Level 5)
by Keostyriaru
A playthrough of the game on hard using original characters with some voiceovers + music...
Scripting 'fx' in the Dungeon Editor
by JoeyJo0
This guide assumed you have basic knowledge of the Dungeon Editor. How do you put 'fx' in your dungeon? I'm going to show you how in this short tutorial. I'll explain how to spawn 'fx' dynamically and how to do things with your 'fx' object....
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