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Bidanka 27 nov 2012 om 2:50nm
Error occurs when trying to start newly installed "Legend of Grimrock"
After I have installed the game, I can't start the game in steam. I press "start" but the game won't open. When I try to open the game from the file on the computer, an error message occurs saying my computer is missing a file called msvcr100.dll. I have tried to get that missing file down on my computer, but I don't know where to place it..? What to do?
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dr_underwear (Blazrok) 27 nov 2012 om 3:20nm 
Did you try verifying the game?
Right click on the game-> Properties->Local Files->Verify integrity of game cache.
DCI Luther 27 nov 2012 om 7:55nm 
I'm having the same issue, game just won't open at all.
benzod 27 nov 2012 om 8:49nm 
Ive got the same problum!
Dëe 27 nov 2012 om 10:18nm 
Me four!
Wulfg4r 28 nov 2012 om 2:28vm 
me too :(
Eclecticgeek 28 nov 2012 om 2:37vm 
Same kind of issue here. I don't get any errors at all, it just fails to launch. The "preparing to launch" dialog shows and disappears, then nothing.

I've deleted all local content and re-downloaded, and also verified the game. Neither of which made any difference.

Edit: Solved after reading some more posts in this forum. Of course, stupid me for not reading further first.

The "Steam\steamapps\common\Legend of Grimrock\" directory has redistributables for VC++ andDirectX. One or both of these wasn't installing properly for me. Manually ran the installs for both and the game then starts fine.
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Mr Vimes 28 nov 2012 om 2:41vm 
Yes seems all the people getting a good deal on game are getting sadder by the hour as i can not open the game either
Mr Vimes 28 nov 2012 om 2:42vm 
I see that it is having trouble with syncing as i see the fast for a millie second just before it doesn't launch
Bidanka 28 nov 2012 om 2:47vm 
I've solved the problem after reading to other discussions in here:

Install the VC 2010 redistributable. For quick access to the installer, it's somewhere in the folder with the game, under the directory you installed Steam to (C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Legend of Grimrock).

Also go into the DirectX folder located in (C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Legend of Grimrock/DirectX) and install that. Then it will work..
Mr Vimes 28 nov 2012 om 2:48vm 
so much faster than support.....
Bidanka 28 nov 2012 om 4:31vm 
Cl!Иt Eдstwood 1 dec 2012 om 5:19nm 
Hi everybody,

I have had serious problem with Legend of Grimrock to start it.
A friend of mine said to me: try to go here and re-install your DIRECTX and you will see that the problem will be resolved.

NOTE WELL: My problem was: I was click on START and nothing was happening.
My Operative System is Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit.

Therefore to resolve your problems TO START definitively LEGENG OF GRIMROCK is: go here and take again the DIRECTX and enjoy with your games ;)

Hope that you can have a solution of your problem.

Take care everybody.
stabbedbyanarwhal 2 dec 2012 om 6:11nm 
Thank you all for your helpful hints. I've done everything up on this page but it still is not working for me... When I try to open it from steam, nothing happens. But when I try to do it from the folder on my computer the same error message shows up as in the original post. Is there anything else that I can do?
williew7051980 31 jan 2013 om 6:09nm 
Thank you so much Eclecticgeek. This solved my problem quickly. :-)
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