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Cyanyde 2012年10月28日上午7:21
Grimrock is 50% off on GOG.com
Just a heads up, there is still another day and a half left for this offer..
I really want to get it, but I don't get paid until next week. That said, if I can help others get it on sale, I'll at least feel like the deal didn't go to waste. :)
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Mivo 2012年10月28日下午8:43 
Does it come with a Steam key? (Asking for a friend, I already have a copy here.)
最后由 Mivo 编辑于; 2012年10月28日下午8:47
Moltavis 2012年10月29日上午2:34 
nope. They have a own platform for selling games, why should they give out Steam Keys that cost them. So no, you only get a gog key. Sadly this also means no Steam Workshop. (only Nexus-Mods)
最后由 Moltavis 编辑于; 2012年10月29日上午2:36
Cyanyde 2012年10月29日上午8:02 
Yeah that's unfortunate, I was under the impression that you also got a Steam key, but I was confused with buying Arrma 2 from the Dev's site. Still a damn good deal though.. awesome game as well. :)
FeelsOnWheels 2012年11月10日上午10:37 
You can get a -50 sale coupon on autumnseal or something
Cyanyde 2012年11月10日上午11:26 
You're right, I got one yesterday and I got another for Trine 2 today. :)
autumnseal.com or something like that..
最后由 Cyanyde 编辑于; 2012年11月10日上午11:33
C= 64 2012年11月10日下午11:43 

I made a post in the main topic area about it
Cyanyde 2012年11月13日上午10:14 
just got another one, if someone wants it, pm me and I will send it.
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