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SPITFIRE 118xxx 2012年9月28日 20時46分
Level 3: Scroll of Invisibility Problem
So, when I get the Secret to get the scroll of invisibility, it's all normal. But, when I put it in any of my characters and try to read it, my game crashes and gives me an error.

Anyone got anything on this? Is it do to the beta?
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ZioYuri78 2012年9月29日 13時45分 
Same here with all spell scroll
最近の変更はZioYuri78が行いました; 2012年9月29日 13時45分
☠jason☣13☠ 2012年9月30日 0時40分 
yes I have the same problem.its only the spell scrolls you can pick them up do what ever but as soon as you try to read it or the curuser gose any where near it it crashes.Ive just been playing with out useing them.
SpacialKatana 2012年9月30日 10時28分 
Last beta patch 1.2.12 introduced a spell scroll tool tip bug. Widely known problem. Will be fixed in next patch.
☠jason☣13☠ 2012年10月1日 0時26分 
awsome thanks
☠jason☣13☠ 2012年10月1日 18時38分 
yeah the new patch fixed it up
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