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Adolf Stalin 2012年9月28日 4時48分
Time & Tide
I've got a problem with the first riddle. I know I need to throw something through the portal, and it should land on the pressure plate on the left. The problem is, anything I throw, doesn't reach the pressure plate (lands in the middle of the way), no matter what.
The f** should I do?
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☠jason☣13☠ 2012年9月30日 0時43分 
place it on the grown in the portel dont throw it see if that helps.not shore if this is the same thing.
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Adolf Stalin 2012年9月30日 1時20分 
It's the very first riddle in this trial. Portal is 2 tiles away, there's an open trap door in front of it (so I can't get closer). Portal trigged by a pressure plate and is active for about 1 second.
thrive 2012年9月30日 5時43分 
I had the same problem. Dont throw it via mouse courser in the screen. Put the item (stone, arrow, bolt) in the HAND of a character and throw it this way. Items fly further this way.
Adolf Stalin 2012年9月30日 6時44分 
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