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Adolf Stalin 2012年9月20日 14時35分
beginner party guide
Sup bros. What's the best (the easiest) party set for the first walkthrough?
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Xzal 2012年9月22日 12時19分 
Theres a large discussion on that really. Some say Four Mages (Frost, Frost, Lighting, Poison/Ice), others say 2 Fighter, 1 Rogue, 1 Lightning/Ice.

Personally I go for Frontline 2Minotaurs 2Humans, 1 Fighter Tank (Minotaur), 1 Rogue Tank Evasion (Human). Backline Minotaur Rogue Thrown Weapons and Mage Ice.

Frontline is all about protecting the backline. Rearline Rogue throws heavy damage (Due to minotaur) with the Icemage negating the accuracy loss of the minotaur with Freeze skills.

But thats just me personally that got me pretty much all the way through, resorting to bombs once in a while.
Spooks 2012年9月23日 8時30分 
Doing hard setting right now with two front line minotaur fighers, a backline lizard ranged rogue, and a backline insect mage (fire). Going well so far!
Andrea Manbuild Version 1 2012年9月25日 15時24分 
4 mages is ridicolous
lastrix 2012年10月7日 3時02分 
4 mages is fun. insakill any foe, the problem is OOM )
igortroy 2012年10月7日 4時11分 
lastrix の投稿を引用:
4 mages is fun. insakill any foe, the problem is OOM )

let's see you survive with 4 mages in parts where enemies swarm you, like the spiders part in level 3, the trap in level 4 or Fighter's Challange :)
out of mana and you die.

4 Rogues is more fun since you can have a front row of fast-attacking, back-stabbing ninjas and a back row of archers or star/bomb-throwing ninjas. though you might get stuck in puzzles that require mages (like fireball-to-close-the-trap-door in level 6), because you'll depend of fire-swords/poison-blades/bombs too much.
also, fighting the last boss like this can be tricky.
Gradunk 2012年10月12日 6時44分 
i tried 4 rogues all fist fighters. frontline fists, backline skilled 12 in assasination so they can attack from the backline. they attack fast enough to keep any enemy i fight perma staggered and i can't take damage unless i miss(which doesn't happen often).

With the 4 mages, i saved up all my bombs for the swarm areas. had each mage skill in each type of magic. poison sucks at the beginning but to super powerful once you get the advanced earth magic. 4 warriors i have not done.

if you DON'T want to troll the game succesfully, minotoar with heavy armour and axes, human with light armour and swords, lizard with lurker and bows or throwing (your choice), and insect with ice/spellcraft. you will need secondary damage type cause ice doesn't hurt the ice lizards on lvl 6? fire is cheap.
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