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Kenshin-dono 2013年9月20日 22時32分
Custom portraits?
i notice you can import custom portraits in this game. Is there a good reliable place to get new ones? The in game selection is prety small.

hell are there instructions on how to make them? I.e. what the size format and requirments are?
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LocalFire 2013年9月21日 4時14分 
Heres two packs on the nexus of extra portriats



As for making them I believe it needs to be tga format 128 by 128 pixels, save them to the portriats file under logend of grimrock, I think just grab one of the above packs and check it
Maxxa 2013年9月22日 17時46分 
You Can make your own as stated above by sizing them to 128x 128 and making them .tga files. You can do this with paint.net
DeadxJester™ 2013年9月24日 16時42分 
but where do you put the pictures after you make them 128x128 ?
DeadxJester™ 2013年9月24日 16時51分 
nvm i figured it out
Luke A Szabo 2013年9月25日 20時05分 
This is pretty cool, didn't know I could do this. Thanks guys.
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