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Yiasmat 2013年9月12日 11時56分
monster attacks
this may sound a bit stupid, but:

i played this game some time ago and just returned to it. so here it goes:
are the battles supposed to be non-round-based?
i remember me attacking, then monsters turn attacking, me attacking etc.
but now as i returned i dont have time to think on what to do. the first snake in the game simply hammered me down without me doing anything...
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Dr.Disaster 2013年9月12日 12時06分 
Seems you're mixing games. LoG was always realtime based and LoG 2 will be too.
Yiasmat 2013年9月12日 12時09分 
a pitty....
thanks tho
Fallout Boy 2013年9月12日 19時46分 
What snake, I dont remember a snke LOL
Yiasmat 2013年9月13日 2時45分 
that was suppost to be "snail"
Ithilien 2013年9月14日 4時59分 
Try moving around it. It will have to turn and move to attack you and in that moment you can land in a couple of shots, then move again.
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