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Legend of Grimrock

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Saltamontes Aug 10, 2013 @ 4:41am
Playtesters needed!
Hey all!

I am currently in need of around 20 people to playtest my dungeon in progress.

Below I will tell you what the general goal of my dungeon is, why I want only 20 people, what I ask of you awesome play testers and what I like to receive from you guys or gals wishing to participate.
If you participate you will be awesome and have my eternal gratitude! Also your name and/or nickname will be in the credits as an alpha tester!

- The goal of my dungeon
I want to create a challenging dungeon, with an interesting and immersive storyline. A dungeon that will keep you on the edge of your seat and at times with fear running down your spine. A tough but still fair dungeon. And of course featuring new and exciting puzzles and traps!

The danger of this dungeon lies in many things, tough monsters and deadly traps are but a few. If you are careful and use your wits you can avoid pretty much most traps. Get distracted and you might step into something nasty. It will be an unforgiving dungeon at one side, but also fair on the other. Not ridiculously overwhelming, (you will not get immensely powerful enemies with no gear to beat them) if you keep your wits up you should be doing fine... *evil laugh in the distance*. In addition torches and food will not be plentiful.

Most of the puzzles you encounter within the dungeon do not need to be solved at that particular point. Most of the dungeon will not be linear, and you will be able to, or have to, explore and look for clues / key-items elsewhere.

Be careful, keep your wits about you and use your resources sparingly.

- Why 20?
There are two reasons for this, first of, if I simply make it available for everyone I will get allot of uncoordinated responses, which I will have to search through. Very time consuming and inefficient. (or I will get zero response ;)

With a select group of mixed players (I intent to get a good mix) I can go more in depth about how they experienced it. I will also want to receive the final save file and I will check each one to see what people have found and what they overlooked. If for instance none of them found a particular secret or none of them solved a particular puzzle, I know I've done something wrong.

Secondly I do not want to spoil the dungeon to much before it is finished and totally awesome!!
At a later state I will ask for more people to help play test and thus making it better and better!

- What do I ask of you?
Well first of HAVE FUN! and just enjoy the dungeon! Afterwards I would like a report on your experience. If you want to go crazy and write a 100 page document, please don’t! That’s way to much! :D No but seriously, you are completely free to write whatever you feel you should (or shouldn’t) write! The more detailed you can share your experience with me the better. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a writer or anything. I will send you a document with a nice format so you can fill it in per topic, anyone can do this. I also want you to send me your final save file! So I can check and see what you have done and didn’t do.

One final thing: you have to have completed the standard LoG dungeon! This dungeon is not for beginners!

And that I do believe is it!

- How can you be one of the lucky 20?
Simple! Reply to this thread or leave a comment on my profile!
(It is open to public for the time being)
I want to know the following:
(and no I have no preference, I want a MIX of everything! That is why I need to know this.)
* your age
* have you completed the LoG dungeon?
* why do you want to play test my dungeon?
* what do you enjoy most about Grimrock? (please describe as best you can!)
(e.g. exploring, fighting mobs, the puzzles, the story, staring at walls, etc, etc.)
* what is your playstyle? (please describe as best you can!)
- Double, no triple checking every wall!
- Rushing through the first door you see
- What does this pressure plate do? *jump up and down on it*
- What does this pressure plate do? *takes a 100 steps back, throws a rock*
- Dodging enemies like a boss / Legolas
- Tanking those puny monsters like a boss
- Sleeping after every combat
- A party of four mages!
- A party of four minotaur’s!
- Take one step look around, take one step….
- etc, etc.

I do not know if I will receive zero or a hundred reply’s. Hopefully enough and not to many! ;D
Thank you all in advance!
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thrive Aug 10, 2013 @ 6:16am 
Hi, I would be in if you still need a player. Why? Because I like playing party based RPG dungeon crawlers. I played all the stuff back in the 90s like Dungeon Master, EOB, Might and Magic, Wizardry and even Buck Rogers and and and. Did I beat LoG? Of course, without resting once I would like to add ;) I beat it a second time in hard and played a lot of workshop addons, most notable Mines of Valan Mae, Missing Heir, Master Quest.
I dont have a very significant describable playstyle. Just checking what the game offers and try to utilize most things. In LoG I prefer to dodge instead of tanking. My party was 2 fighters, 1 rogue, 1 wizard, so pretty much the standard stuff you would expect. I dont check for secrets on every wall, but on the other hand Iam also not rushing throu the floors. I like the automap feature, because Iam lazy. I did not care a bit about the story in LoG, because I think it wasnt important anyway and I saw the plot twist in this game from miles ahead anyway. This is not to say I dont care about stories in game, actually I love good stories.
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Saltamontes Aug 10, 2013 @ 11:42am 
Thanks for your reply!
Mind if I add you as a friend so I can send you the download link?
thrive Aug 10, 2013 @ 2:29pm 
accepted the request
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