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First time player: Use LoG Master Quest remake mod or default game?
Title pretty much says it. Should I use the Master Quest remake mod "LoG on Steroids" (subscribed & ready to go) or the default game for a first play through?

My main concern is the ability to port my default start party into a Master Quest modded game, once I've finished the default game. If I can't, then I definitely want my first game to be a MQ modded game.

My general play style for this kind of game is to play default until I get familiar with the game. Then I create 2 more save games. First is to build a custom party for a 2nd full play through. I also create a separate one character only game as a power character. Since the game provides an option to play one character game via achievements, that is taken care of. My one player game will be a Master Quest modded game.

The first game I was ever addicted to as a young teen, was Dungeon Master. I loved DM & DMCSB as a kid. My favorite thing to do in both games was play through with only one character. I'm hoping to recapture some of that experience with LoG well before I delve into the DM mod (already subscribed, but not ready to play).

Thanks for your thoughts...

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Elgar Jul 18, 2013 @ 12:28pm 
Default game, without any doubt.

This game as originally designed by the devs is a master piece. I was a fan of DM and EoB myself and Legend of Grimrock is a wonderful tribute to these games. So yes, enjoy it in its vanilla form before trying any mod, that's my opinion.
Thanks Elgar.

Can you tell me if I can port my default dev provided save game into a new MQ modded game when I'm finished?
Elgar Jul 18, 2013 @ 12:42pm 
I didn't try, but you can read this in the description page of "LoG on steroids" :

The difficulty (and XP awarded) scales up dramatically according to the average level of the champions at the start, so you can import your original Grimrock dungeon party and continue your adventure and advancement.
My question got answered in another thread. :) I forgot I read that in the MQ docs, *facepalm*. Thanks.

"Orendil [has Legend of Grimrock] Jul 4, 2013 @ 1:59pm
Agreed. Part of the fun of Master Quest is seeing how Komag first rebuilt the entire original dungeon using the ModTools and then to see how he's changed it and tweaked it compared to the original. Master Quest has been built to scale well too (as have a few other mods) which means you can take your original party and level them up further than the vanilla quest allows.

Plus, if you're the sort of person that likes achievements, you can only get those in the standard dungeon (at least some of them, I don't know if they are all locked to the vanilla dungeon or not)."
Komag Jul 24, 2013 @ 3:06am 
Achievements can only be earned with the original game - they don't work in mods at all. Master Quest was definitely created with playing-the-original-first in mind, so you can better appreciate the (sometimes subtle) changes and alterations. To import a party all you do is choose a save game file, so make sure to save your game with a new/separate save file right near the end of your original game playthrough.
Thanks for the help & great (needed) info, Komag. I've taken your advice and am playing Vanilla through first go round. At the teleport puzzle... Level 3, iirc.
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