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thrive Jul 2, 2013 @ 5:14am
The missing heir - stuck on lvl3
Hi, I downloaded the missing heir and like it thus far. But now iam stuck at level 3 and a bit puzzled. Iam where you find 2 "heavy bombs" and stand in front of 2 pits with a pressure plate behind. So now what? ;)
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royandanna Jul 2, 2013 @ 6:03pm 
Hello Thrive,

Sorry I did not respond sooner. I did not think of looking here but was checking the forum on the mod page.

To solve the puzzle

To clear the two pits you will need to throw 4 bombs on to the pressure plate across the other side. If you have already thrown something else, such as one of the 4 rocks laying there, be sure to press the wall button to get the plate clear. Grab a bomb and leave it in your mouse and move to the square next to the pits, equip the bomb and throw it. The alcoves will keep respawning bombs until the pits close.
thrive Jul 2, 2013 @ 10:35pm 
Thank you very much for explaining that.
Since the sign says "dont throw stones" I understood that maybe you need to throw something else (a knife) or throw one of those big bombs. What exactly in the game tells me that I should throw exactly 4 bombs? I think this puzzle is pretty silly or I overlooked something. Thought I had to activate the second teleporter down one level or so.
thrive Jul 3, 2013 @ 1:18am 
And stuck again:

Ok, this is probably pretty lame on my part but iam stuck again. Just after you throw the 4 bombs you enter a big area with tons of stairs, so iam there and found a lot of keys, opened a lot of doors and so on. Now iam stuck with 1 round key and 4 brass keys in my inventory. On the far east side of the level was a door which needed - i think - a gold key. I opened that just to discover another door with another golden lock just behind it, and i dont have the key for that. On the other hand I cannot seem to find any other locked doors to utilize the round or brass keys. The gold key I already used i think I found after a big movement puzzle one level below where you find a scroll indicating which way to move through the maze (which actually took me hours to find out). where is a door or a gold key from here?
royandanna Jul 3, 2013 @ 5:45am 
Hi Thrive,

As for the bombs the number of rocks was the clue. Not the best clue I will admit.

There are no secret tricks or anything to proceed from where you are now, you just need to make sure you have been everywhere. Placing notes on the auto map helps, unless you are doing it old school but even then it helps.

I will tell you the layout and then you will need to make sure you have been everywhere.

Once you pass the pits you will come to an area with a bunch of halls and 4 rooms, 2 northern rooms and 2 southern rooms, each one opened by a combination of the two levers and a pressure plate. The 4 keys will allow you access to the two stairs going down to level 4, a north staircase and a south staircase. It sounds like you took the north staircase leading to the coded map and walking path room. In each lower room you will get a prison key.

Once you have finished the lower room it will lead you back up to a central room on level 3. Here you will have the choice of doing one of the two upper rooms on level three where you will get a gold key.The key you got in the lower room will open both upper rooms.

When you finish the upper room you will be back in the central room on level 3 again.
Here you will look for an open wall grate near one of the dragon statues. This will allow you access back into the area with the four rooms where you can access the other lower staircase and subsequently the other other upper room for the last gold key.

So in a nutshell,
1. Get the 4 keys on level 3 from the 4 bedrooms, use levers and plate for access.
2. Find the 2 stairs down, pick one (you did the north I believe) and solve the room.
3. End up on level 3 central room.
4. Find the two upper room doors, pick one and solve the room.
5. End up in level 3 central room.
6. Find the open grate, go back to beginning area, find the other staircase and do that room.
7. End up on level 3 central room
8. Do the second upper room.
9. Use the two gold keys on the gold lock and go about your way.

Hope this helps you out.
thrive Jul 3, 2013 @ 6:14am 
Yep, I was everywhere I think. Must have missed one of those gold keys. Damn.
thrive Jul 3, 2013 @ 6:16am 
So the 2 gold keys are:
1: in the room where you fight spiders and a herder that talks to you in this foreign language
2: in the room where you get fire damage every time you step on blood?

Sorry, but since I were everywhere I believe, iam not sure where I forgot that key. And I cannot remember where I got which key :)
thrive Jul 3, 2013 @ 6:19am 
Ok, I totally oversaw the locks in the firedamage room. brass keys here ;)
thrive Jul 3, 2013 @ 1:01pm 
Ok, I played it through. Very great addon.
I found two bugs.
A minor issue is in the dialog with Betheus. Once he utters "found found", just look for that string and you can delete one of them. And after quotations the text resumes without a empty space a few times.
A major bug is in level 9. Actually I dont know how this was planned. I defeated the master twice and Betheus tells me, that now he should be a very dangerous beast. Anyway, after stepping into the next teleporter Iam in a big room where I can talk to Betheus again. The earth shakes and he creates another teleporter which ends the game. But if I explore the room and go to the opposide side of the room the game crashes
#script_entity_140:4: attempt to index global "MainBossOne" (nil value)
So I guess the boss battle should take place here, but not for me.
Thanks for making that addon.
royandanna Jul 3, 2013 @ 5:59pm 

Thanks for playing and I am sorry the ending did not work out for you.

I have been looking over the code and cannot find a reason for the bug. The overall boss fight takes place over 4 rooms and the trigger for changing rooms is the health level of the boss. I wonder if you happened to get a massive critical strike and killed the boss at the end of stage 3, which could cause your error at the begining of stage 4.
I am going to post the entire boss fight layout, 1) so you will know what should have happened, and 2) so perhaps you can point out exactly where the system broke down. I have to leave right now but will post that info later tonight when I get back home.

Again I really appreciate you playing.

Ryeath Greystalk
royandanna Jul 3, 2013 @ 9:14pm 
Ok, back at home now.

Thrive, if you could read this and identify the spot of the malfunction, or where you game didn't match the description it would aid me greatly in discovering the source of the bug.

Serious end of game spoiler here.
Do Not read if you want to experience the ending the way it was meant to be.

Stage 1:
Enter a small library, Bartheus is in a cage and as you approach he sumons the Master. After dealing a certain amount of damage to the Master he will portal back to the area he came from and summon 4 monsters, kill them then find the 4 wall buttons to open the door to stage two.
Stage 2:
Enter a small maze of corridors with skeleton archers behind pits shooting at you. The Master is wandering the corridors and once you deal a certain amount of damage he portals into another small caged area and the pits close allowing acces to the 5 archers and the wall levers behind them. Operate the levers and when you try to leave for the next stage Bartheus will stop you a speak a few lines.
Stage 3: Pass a couple of ghouls then end up in a room with the Master. As you fight him he will release slugomorgs to assist him. Once his health is below a certain level he will portal out one more time. Kill the remaining slugomorgs and find the four wall buttons. Once the four buttons are pressed then if you walk in front of Bartheus's cage he will warn you again and open a portal to the last stage.
Stage 4: Bartheus is in a cage in the middle of the room, the master is in a cage on the North wall (if I recall correctly). Approach the Master and he will leave his cage to fight you. When he gets below a certain health level he will release Bartheus to fight along side of him. (Bartheus cannot be killed but can kill the player.). Just as the master dies he will imprison Bartheus in a cage on the south wall. Here you will speak to Bartheus for the last time, earthquakes happen and he summons a portal to the end of the game.

Ryeath Greystalk
thrive Jul 3, 2013 @ 11:52pm 
Ok, Stage 4 is messed up. 1 to 3 work perfectly, but after Stage 3 I get teleported in this room where Stage 4 fight should happen. But Bertheus is already in the south cage, not in the middle one. Here is a Screenshot. Bertheus is in the south cage. The spot that I marked on the map has a teleporter that ends the game. The earthquakes already took place when I entered that room. When I move one step to the north from where I stand in the screenshot, the game crashes.
The idea of doing a massive critical hit at the end of Stage 3 could be the solution of this all.

Anyway, another small question if you dont mind. In level 7 (maze of the master) far in the south is a room with a lot of pits. In the west side are 2 entrances with secret buttons to close some pits which eventually lead to this magical orb. On the east side is a locked door, presumably I would need to open to get into the middle of the room. Where is the key for it?
royandanna Jul 4, 2013 @ 7:04am 

Thanks for the info on the main boss fight. That narrows down where I should be looking for issues.

As for the key,

In the very southeast corner is a room with a single ghoul in it. The ghoul drops the key when you kill it.
It is a bit inconsistent with the rest of the mod and I may change it in an update if I can figure out what's up with the boss fight.

Thanks again Thrive,

Ryeath Greystalk
惡斬弁当斎 May 5, 2014 @ 5:17pm 
ok, I'm stuck on the room with the "a button's press, your steps erase" message and I've tried to figure it out about 12 times. Any hints?
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