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goteal 12. úno. 2013 v 3.56 odp.
how do i know where is a crystal of life in the map?
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Metro 13. úno. 2013 v 1.07 dop. 
Before hand? You don't. After the fact you can mark things on your map.
James Alex 27. kvě. 2013 v 1.07 dop. 
how do you touch it?
Dr.Disaster 27. kvě. 2013 v 7.53 dop. 
Before hand you need to listen and track it's humming sound.

how do you touch it?
I can't believe somebody asks this. It's a mouse driven game so go click it.
Naposledy upravil Dr.Disaster; 27. kvě. 2013 v 8.07 dop.
James Alex 13. lis. 2013 v 2.22 dop. 
Can't believe how hostile and bratty gamers are but I'm used to it.
Naposledy upravil James Alex; 13. lis. 2013 v 2.22 dop.
kesuga7 13. lis. 2013 v 10.23 dop. 
click on it then you can return later to the area to regain health
i think theres a cooldown perriod or something on it though
You then can mark on your map where the cyrtsal of lifes are
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