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Linux version via Steam
Simple question, when will we see the Linux version via Steam ?
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Suppot Xilanaz's question, any plans to make linux version accessible in Steam?
It's already been released with Humble Bundle 7, last December. Most of the games available for Linux frOm Steam have already been released with the various Humble Bundles. I have purchased the games that I didn't have; Book of Unwritten Tales, Unity of Command, and Crusader Kings 2, wthwhile purchases all.
Please add it, would be great to have the Steam workshop accessible under linux as well.
+1 LoG and Bastion are two great games that should be available to Linux users on Steam. Rather than buying them on the Ubuntu shop...
+1 to Linux version. This is great game))
Is windows and mac os version is here. Why not linux version.
+1 for the Linux version on Steam, too.
Yea! i want it too!
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+100500 for Linux version!!! =)
Please, make a Linux version in Steam!
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