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Rigel 2013 年 01 月 4 日 @ 下午 6 時 10 分
Secret stats
I wish the game would indicate how many secrets there are to be found on a given level, not just how many there are in the entire game. Also I'd like the automap to indicate where you've found a secret. It would make searching for secrets a bit more doable. Now you have to go online to search for that information, which is less satisfactory.
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Crazy_Bananas 2013 年 01 月 4 日 @ 下午 7 時 50 分 
You could make a note on the map to remember the secrets you've found. I also feel knowing how many are on your level would be very helpful at times but might also take away from the unknown. If we got this info as a reward for beating the game or finding so many of them first I could see that working. Maybe even info as a note you fine from Toorum or others who have come to Grimrock.
Hett Gutt 2013 年 01 月 4 日 @ 下午 9 時 33 分 
I've had to consult a walkthrough. To avoid the twin problems of spoiling the game and not having to backtrack too much, I only do it after I reach the end of each floor.
macroidtoe 2013 年 05 月 25 日 @ 下午 10 時 36 分 
Definitely would be nice to have this feature, even just as a console command. I'm missing one secret right now and it's driving me nuts. I've gone through a walkthrough of all the secrets, and I can't figure out which one I'm missing.

My best guess is there's probably one in the list that I found, but then I died, reloaded, and "unfound" it and didn't go back to check it again. Unless it saves found secrets separately from your save files...?

Guess for now I could always walk through every floor one at a time and check each secret...
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