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TwistinFool 2013年1月3日 15時00分
Secrets Unlocked achievement
After learning that I cannot go back to level 8 and lower, I was annoyed to discover that I cannot unlock all the secrets that I left behind in previous levels. I was wondering though, if you start a new game, will I have to recover all the secrets or can I just find the ones I have not found previously? This also goes for iron doors.
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Ziel 2013年1月3日 15時29分 
As far as I could tell it has to be in the same playthrough. But why can't you go back? You should be able to backtrack all the way to the beginning, where are you stuck?
TwistinFool 2013年1月3日 19時17分 
When I leave lvl 10, I end up in the spiral in lvl 9 and for some reason the wall is completely shut.
TwistinFool 2013年1月3日 19時19分 
Nevermind haha..I should have known better. I found the button to open the wall.
Ziel 2013年1月3日 19時21分 
aaah! :D

there is a button on the inner wall a couple tiles away!

edit: oh, same time :)
最近の変更はZielが行いました; 2013年1月3日 19時21分
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