betusrod 31. joulu, 2012 8.29
How can I open the second door?
I opened the first door with the key, but I have no more keys and I need to open the second door. The insciption wall says llose the rock, I loose the rock on floor, throw it to the wall, to the door... and nothing
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Iosif Pixelatu' 31. joulu, 2012 9.02 
You just need to click the rock on the wall,then another wall will open. Inside there is a stone table with the key for the door.
betusrod 31. joulu, 2012 11.02 
Ok, but, what wall do i have to hit? Where does the other wall open?
James Arkham 31. joulu, 2012 11.11 
Look for a wall with a loose rock on it.
Iosif Pixelatu' 31. joulu, 2012 11.13 
So, where it writes the message ''loose rock '',you turn and go straight forward to the cut rock and you click it. It will open a wall on your right. Got it?
betusrod 31. joulu, 2012 16.43 
Buff, it was very hidden! And this is the first difficulty... i dont want to think how is the end of the game. Thanks.
Iosif Pixelatu' 31. joulu, 2012 16.47 
You gotta work hard in this game, it's very old school.Trust me.
Gwtheyrn 2. helmi, 2013 0.05 
This is your problem:
lose v. to cease possession of or misplace something

loose adj. not tight, movable.
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