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Verbatim 2012年12月27日 5時11分
Unable to play Legend of Grimrock
I just bought this in the sale and installed it with no difficulties. However, when attempting to play, I receive the 'preparing to launch...' notification but the game does not start. If anyone else has this problem and/or knows how to fix it, help would be appreciated.
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loopasam 2012年12月27日 5時30分 
same problem here
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Mdyter 2012年12月27日 5時36分 
same here
Didz 2012年12月27日 9時08分 
Likewise exactly the same problem. I'll try Loopasam's solution and see if it works.
Didz 2012年12月27日 9時14分 
Hmm! Well I tried but it says I already have a newer version installed and that it doesn;t need replacing.
Hash-slinging-slasher 2012年12月27日 9時29分 
I'm having the same problem, if anyone finds a solution forward the link please
Statik 2012年12月27日 9時41分 
Navigate to the Grimrock install folder (Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Legend of Grimrock) and in the DirectX folder run DXSETUP
BenzSmoke 2012年12月27日 11時23分 
I've got the same problem, I just tryed Statik's solution. It made no difference.
BenzSmoke 2012年12月27日 11時27分 
Tryed Loopasam's solution, didn't work either. Said I had a newer or equivalent version.
Hash-slinging-slasher 2012年12月27日 11時34分 
Thanks Statik, its working now
zelszi 2012年12月27日 11時57分 
I had exactly the same problem, reinstalling directX did not help. But when I ran the game directly, not from Steam (go to the game directory and start gimrock.exe) it did show an error message about missing msvcr100.dll
This dll is part of Visual C++ redistributable, installing the 2010 version from microsoft support pages helped:
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Verbatim 2012年12月27日 12時04分 
Statik's solution worked for me. Thanks.
BenzSmoke 2012年12月27日 13時32分 
Thank you zelszi, that worked for me.
slomen 2012年12月27日 18時20分 
statik solution worked for me too
Secret_Turtle 2012年12月27日 19時47分 
i had that exact problem with a different game, but now it works dont know why or even why it decides to work now
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