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Legend of Grimrock

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emirfassad Dec 26, 2012 @ 5:16pm
Possibly the clumsiest user interface possible.
Firstly, I like Wizardry like games. I have since my hencmen and I used to gather in my attic and play Wizardry on my Apple II. This game may have taken its general style from Wizardry but the combat system is pure vacuum.

The silly click on the character's weapon to strike instead of clicking on the target is keeps the player's attention focused down right on the character icons instead of centered on the action. Three clicks to launch a spell paradigm is pure nothing but complexity for the sake of complexity and serves even more to distract the player The inane "don't know who gets the next strike" delay serves only to decrease the player's ability to focus on the action.

The "real time" combat system does not enhance the game experience neither is it in any manner necessary.

Two thumbs down and one finger up.
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Stedios Dec 26, 2012 @ 6:32pm 
i played all the old games like stone prophet etc that this is based on, but most of them you clicked on the enemy to attack, so you could look at the monster instead of looking at swords in the corner, full key and mouse assignments would have been nice, like move with mouse, hotkeys for attacks so we could see whats going on, but controller support would be even better and i might even play this game i bought months ago!
kyuss22 Dec 26, 2012 @ 8:09pm 
I defiantly understand your complsints. Im just happy that they made a game like this at all.
Bought the game for 3 bucks and i've been having tons of fun.
The combat is so-so, but the puzzle aspect is hardish without being brutal.
Guess what i'm saying is. Really good game. get it when its on sale and give it a shot.
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CellarPhantom Dec 27, 2012 @ 1:48am 
Fred is right.
But I like the rune system, later on you have to be very quick choosing runes and not missclicking because it can lead to your death..
Diolacles Dec 27, 2012 @ 7:48am 
The game is essentially the old late 80s game "Dungeon Master" which came out for the Amiga and older Atari ST computers, and was the very first of its kind. That game could be very challenging, but this one looks like it is, too. The trick is using the side-step turn method, and then quickly face the enemies and attack before they've completely turned, too. The graphics are obviously more sophisticated, but the game mechanics and elements are the same. In the demo video, the one room with all the pits is EXACTLY like one of the rooms at the beginning of Dungeon Master.

If you're curious, or are nostalgic, there's a Windows version of the original Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back games here:


Once you've tried it, you'll see the game mechanics that this game bases its style of gameplay on.
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Deadlights Dec 27, 2012 @ 10:54am 
They went with a very simply and straightforward interface, possibly to save development time. I don't think there's anything clumsy about it, but I agree it would be cool if the player was allowed to focus on the on-screen action rather than the UI during combat.
emirfassad Dec 28, 2012 @ 9:38pm 
Wizardry predates Dungeon Master by several years but yes the game does have a DMaster feel.

Yes, I realize that the player has an option to make a character attack with either hand. Still doesn't justify the clumsy interface. As someone noted above keyboard entry should be an option. The devs appear to have spent a lot of time on the graphics. You would think they would want the player to look at them instead of down in the corner.

And, no, the interface saves no developement time. It's just an attempt to be clever and different. Well clever and different do not necessarily make a game more enjoyable.
Plaid Dec 28, 2012 @ 10:48pm 
I really don't have an issue with it (not to diminish yours), and have no problem placing my mouse pointer then focusing purely on the enemy, while only taking my eyes away for a second here and there to click on the other characters' weapons.
I have no problem putting spells together while strafing either, or even stopping in the middle of preparing a spell and using a different character to attack while strafing then going back to finish the spell.

Clicking on the enemy would actually mean you would have to do two clicks instead of one, since you would have to choose which character you want to attack first.

I suppose being able to assign each party members attack button to the number buttons could be a good alternative, with a Shift button for the second hand attack if you have two weapons equipped for one character.

Still, I don't think it's as bad as you are making it out to be (I personally don't think it's bad at all really, but agree there should be alternatives for those that would be more comfortable with something else).

Maybe just put more practice in and you'll be wizzing it.
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Lost Dragon Jan 2, 2013 @ 1:06pm 
It's a good game, but some of the controls could take a lot of cues from Might and Magic 4 / Xeen. Having to queue up runes manually every time is a chore and not a fun one. One I discover what a spell is I should be able to select it from a list. There are refinements to be made to the interface definitely. I liked the old-school gameplay though.
Conor McGreGOAT Jan 3, 2013 @ 8:14pm 
What action are you missing, LOL.....you do realize there is no action

But I do agree the runes are annoying, no way to save 1 spell for a quick click or something
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ChevyNoel Jan 3, 2013 @ 9:28pm 
Spells are okay later on. Freezing enemies helps with master assassin, and I liked being able to have constant light withought using torches. I always set the runes before combat so I could use the spell right away. I usually reset the runes in between weapon cooldowns, or when I was sidestepping a monster. IIrc, the sort of high level freezing spell only uses two runes, so it doesn't take that long to ready. Air has invisibility I believe, which is probably also useful. Toorum is part mage, so that has to count for something. I still have to try a playthrough as him.
bryonhowley Jan 3, 2013 @ 10:07pm 
I have not had any problems with the game but everyone is different and no game will satisfy everyone ever just the way it is. Sorry you can't enjoy it but I sure am.
hyperprism Jan 4, 2013 @ 1:52pm 
Been playing this non-stop for the last few days. I ended up getting it more than once due to Steam sales and then HumbleBundle, which I always get as a rule because it's too good of a deal not to. I agree about the interface to a degree. I am not crazy about it. I am not crazy about any interface which presumes doing everything by mouse. The best interfaces IMO are always those that take into account optional Key mappings for every last single thing. When you open up the Key Mapping menu in Grimrock, you notice that there are only mappings for about 8 things! That's it. Possibly the shortest key mapping screen I have ever seen in any game! If they were to map many more keys to different UI usages, it would open up a sea of possibilities for different play styles. Imagine just having one key ('h','j','k','l' for instance) mapped to each players' attack. You could practice your uber-micro (go purepwnage!) and get really good at owning those friggen Uggardians just using your two hands on the keyboard alone, dancing around them like Apollo Creed. That would be awesome, and I would have a much better time of it. (instead of fumbling to set up a spell, accidentally clicking on the border instead of the right button and then getting killed by that split second screw up.)

Ultimately, this is a decision the designers are going to have to make in later versions of the game. They're going to have to be willing to release their baby into the wild and allow the players to set some things the way they want them. This would vastly improve an already super-impressive offering. I just love the fact that I'm playing something that's kind of close to 80s AD&D in 2013! Love it.
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