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Legend of Grimrock

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Videogamers0 Dec 24, 2012 @ 2:12pm
The Ending... (spoilers obviously)
Ok, I just beat LoG and all I have to say about the ending is... WTF?
Seriously was I playing LoG or Borderlands 1???

You get to the end, put a cube back together and it comes alive. So then you take it back apart, kill it, and everything explodes or something WTF???????????????

How did you feel about the ending and what kind of ending were you expecting before you reached the end?

I was expecting something with Toorum. I figured he would have made it to the end of the dungeon and when I finally got down there with him something crazy would happen

Like maybe there would have been some puzzle at the very bottom that required multiple people to complete, so Toorum would just be waiting down there for another adventurer to finally make it through. And maybe this puzzle would be set up in such a way that only one person could make it out alive
Hell, maybe there could be three endings, one where you get out alive, Toorum dies, one where you die, Toorum lives, and a secret ending where both survive somehow incorporating the 7 treasures, idk

I was also expecting to find the people who oversee the dungeon who were hinted at in this note:
"There have been people in these hallways before me but when I went through this place here it seems like I was the first to open all the doors and press all the buttons.

There has to be some people who oversee the dungeons. "

Oh and did I make it out alive? One screen shows me leaving the dungeon, but then the next picture shows a crater the size of the moon... did I just get outside and then blow up immediately after lmao?
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Yuritau Dec 24, 2012 @ 3:30pm 
You find Toorum's corpse on one of the levels (don't remember which).

Also, my take on the ending is: if you still genuinely believe there's a way out by the time you get to the cube, you haven't been paying attention. :P
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Keeper Dec 25, 2012 @ 9:02am 
I found the ending interesting. It was nice to be in contact with advanced alien/odd technology (the weapon you get to disable the cube), as it makes you really wonder what the bloody hell is going on xD What you know for sure, though, is that there's something greater than you in motion.

Anyways, I wasn't expecting a clockwork cube. I thought there would be some sort of Cthulhu'ish beast and was talking to you in your dreams and tricking you into freeing it. It wasn't too far off from the truth, but it still was different than I thought. ^^
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Ebon Drake Dec 25, 2012 @ 11:48am 
My favorite part of the ending was that one time that cube crushed you by running you over...
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