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Mob Level during Dungeon Creation
so, since i could find nothing on the subject i played around today with the enemy levels (1-5) to see how it affected enemy stats. my findings are below however it should be noted that the testing was done on snails and could be inaccurate for all enemies, further testing is required and i would love some of you great people to help out with other enemies if you see fit.
the levels seem to effect the following stats for enemies, health, experience, and attack power. their accuracy, protection and evasion seem to remain somewhat constant.
at level 1 a snail has 90 hp and gives 60 exp, does around 6-7 dmg
at level 2 a snail has ~135 hp and gives 66 exp, does around 9 dmg
at level 3 a snail has ~160 hp and gives 72 exp, does around 11 dmg
at level 4 a snail has ~190 hp and gives 79 exp, does around 14 dmg
at level 5 a snail has ~215 hp and gives 86 exp, does around 17 dmg

from these numbers what you can see is that exp does not scale upwards with stats. at level 4 the HP and Dmg of a snail are roughly double that of level 1 however the exp has only gone up by a third of the original number. i'm not trying to make any judgements, merely present this information so that other can make use of it in their dungeons as well. please feel free to test for these and other stats with other monsters or if anyone is a good code diver tell me in black and white exactly what the stats and effects of levels are.
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Each monster has a different stat and exp increase per level and you can set it for custom monsters if to balance them if you want
ah, thank you, this helps me lot. i havn't explored the world of custom monsters and weapons at the moment (i have little to no art skills so custom textures, icons, and 3d models for monsters is kinda out for me).
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