♥Fawn♥ May 19 @ 8:07am
Game does'nt start! help?
Whene i start the game and come to loadingscrean it stops working! ;(
Anyone know how to fix it.. or what the problem is??

P.S i have reinstalled it and still does not work.
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Dr.Disaster May 19 @ 12:52pm 
It stops working? No error message?

1st: try re-installing all redistributables that come with the game
2nd: tell us about your system
♥Fawn♥ May 19 @ 2:19pm 
THX for the help! but i already fixed it. :)

BTW: You have 1,5K H playtime of Legend of Grimrock!!!!!! thats AWESOME :)
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Dr.Disaster May 20 @ 9:02am 
Oh that's easy with the LoG modder community and 700+ maps on the workshop
dota May 23 @ 2:43pm 
how do you fixed it?
♥Fawn♥ May 23 @ 2:52pm 
It was Adobe Reader that was the problem :p
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