dam_pc Feb 4 @ 6:06am
Suck on Level 2 @ the Blue Crystal
I'm @ the 4 way crossing , where the crystal is... Killed the winged creatures got that key... BUT stuck @ the forcefield on the right , have pushed the button.. Can anyone help , thankyou...
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eisberg Feb 4 @ 6:16am 
The best thing to do in your situation is look for a walkthrough for this game. Perhaps these will help


You might be able to google for other walkthroughs to help you out.
Elach Feb 4 @ 6:43am 
You need to push the button, and walk backwards (S). You don't have time to turn around. You have to press the button and immediately start tapping S.
dam_pc Feb 4 @ 8:15am 
ok ... thanks Elach...
dam_pc Feb 4 @ 8:17am 
eisberg... just what I need ...COOL.thanks
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