Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock

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How long? How many levels?
Having googled this, I'm seeing a lot of people saying ten hours. Is it ten levels too?

Well I must suck at gaming because I'm only on the 4th level and am already approaching ten hours. The damned game is hard. I keep on having to return to those blue crystals to re-spawn my people.

No food left. My party is gimped. Jesus. This is sad.
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Dr.Disaster Jan 22, 2014 @ 7:00am 
4th level and 10 hours is not too bad. A regular play-thru can take between 20 and 30 hours. It depends a lot on how much you search for hidden stuff and deal with puzzles.

Food might be a bit scarce until the snail farm on level 6 so only eat when needed. Past that you should have no more problem with food.
Bacardi Jan 24, 2014 @ 1:09pm 
If you will play without any guides or walkthroughs for a first time and want to find all secrets and explore every square of the game (in fact I encourage you to do so because its worth it!) it will take around 40 hours or more to finish the game.
This game is hard and rewarding, clever and simple at the same time.

Try to control your food consuming and do not fear there will be more food and torches. This game is pretty balanced and soon you will think more about how to carry all this food without being slowed. :)
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lPaladinl Jan 25, 2014 @ 4:20am 
And then when you finally beat the game after that 30-40 hours, try out some of the player made dungeons for some more fun. ;)
Rworqx Jan 26, 2014 @ 9:17am 
my first playrhrough took 40 hours but i searched for every last secret and missed 2.
Dam no achievement for me :(
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