Captain Jesus! Aug 25 @ 10:27pm
What's this game play like?
It looks a lot like wizardry, which I really like, but the combat looked kinda like real time combat, or something other than the turn based system in wizardry. Is it turn-based, or at least something mellow? Wizardry is sorta my chill game, that I like to play all calm and such.
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Revelator Aug 26 @ 2:18am 
eye of the beholder.
Dr.Disaster Aug 26 @ 3:19am 
LoG is grid- and real-time based, like Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder. Depending on the monsters you fight combat ranges from very calm to very intense.
Willy Rage Aug 26 @ 1:51pm 
it's like a first person Sword and the Stars: The Pit, mixed with Eye of the Beholder.
If you like roguelikes this is a must.
Hellbishop Aug 26 @ 7:11pm 
Its like BLACK CRYPT and ABANDONED PLACES along with the other games already mentioned. Its all in a humongous dungeon setting so no outdoor areas like in the Wizardry rpgs. The sequel though will have plenty of outdoor areas.
Tentyz Aug 31 @ 7:29am 
The LoG feeling reminds me of Stonekeep.
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