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The thing about Excel & XL
by Lord Cio
Who are they? It might shock you. :P...
Dovahkiin Speedrunner Skin W.I.P.
by 702cooper
This is a skin replacer to turn Speedrunner into the infamous Dragonborn!...
The new characters of update r40 with their skins (full)
by CarL_J
Hi. This guide is for the 9 new characters (supposedly 10 but the 10th one is a secret one apparently, which is yet to be found, once he/she is found I'll update the guide with him/her.) EDIT: He's found. He's called XL....
Play As The Roulette Guy (DONE)
by Jonhyfun
Custom Moonraker Skin To Play As The Roulette Guy How To Install, put everything in the moonraker folder, but the lobby stuff put in UI/MULTIPLAYERMENU/LOBBY location pictures down there with the link special thanks to brobeam and taters mcshit for s...
Lazy Leveling
by Grunok
A simple way to gain levels fast while you go do something else....
All Secret Characters
by Lurexo
This is a guide that will tell you how to play as all of the secret characters in the game! I will update this guide when new secret characters come! Just type the text in the chat and you're ready to go!...
Beet Unic Skin
by Jonhyfun
Same Thing As Cosmonaut but in unic download the files down here and add them to speedrunners content characters unic ...
DragonBall Cosmonaut Comrade Skin
by Jonhyfun
Play As Dragonball Cosmonaut Comrade and cyan greenish cosmonaut comrade just download the file down in the guide, open your speedrunners folder, content, cosmonaut, and drag all files there. :)...
[Beginner] Tutorial on Speed
by Metanet01
First steps to becomming a pro....
Custom Fonts
by Someone_u_may_know
Get Your Own Custom Fonts Into SpeedRunners...
How To Use Custom Characters
by [XMP]Yung Kitty[SPD]
this guide is going to tell you how to use custom characters for instance The Dark Unic Skins made be Lecktrik...
How to get rid of input lag, and run the game at 60FPS
by Raymundo
Want to get rid of input lag? I hear you pros saying "YES!?". Well step right up!...
Goat Mods (Different Colours)
by ✪Mr.LazyMe-✪
Hey guys this is a guide on how to install these mods SPECIAL THANKS TO SpacePup(pup) sorry it this guide is not full of information but i made a long ass guide with big paragraphs and i had to delete it because i couldnt publish it so this is the "Meh" v...
How to be a good (and respectable) Speedrunner!
by hapy bithrday 2 me
This guide is for ANY Speedrunner. Not just for beginners, but for anyone who is interested in learning a few tips and tricks, or good players who may get a lot of flack for their... "techniques"....
VIP; alt paths
by Rave Senpai
A guide with more ways for reaching the VIP room on Nightclub, including a path used by upper-rank players....
Get The Pixel Update Music & Sfx! *UPDATED*
by Someone_u_may_know
SpeedRunner Pixel Update Music Download! Please note for future updates in speedrunners your music and sfx files might get deleted, please favorite this guide to easily find it for later. ...
Dark Unic New Skins
by Lecktrik
I'm not english, sorry if it's bad. Hello everyone, i make this guide for showing unic skins, i saw a lot of people who love Mario's skin (Blue unic) so i decided to make some skins who looks like it. Screen in lobby :
PayDay 2 characters and how to play as them.
by RexMan46
This is the guide to the new PayDay 2 characters, I will be telling you about them and how to play as them....
Hidden Characters
by Mr.Bubbles
A quick and easy guide that shows you how to play as the hidden characters of SpeedRunners...
New Characters as of the new update
by CarL_J
Easy guide to obtain the latest "secret" characters (Payday & Taters) as of the new update...
Секретные персонажи
by Blast_Wave
В этой игре есть много персонажей. Одни доступны сразу, другие открываются после покупки dlc с персонажами, но есть 11 секретных персонажей, о ...
How to get into the VIP Lounge on NIghtclub (For beginners)
by Imdad
How to get into the VIP lounge on Nightclub RECCOMENED FOR BEGINNERS!
Secret Characters Guide (with video)
by ✬ Alex ✬
Here is a quick guide to use the secret characters in Speed Runners!...
All my custom skin EDITED
by Lecktrik
Hi, my name is Lecktrik, i'm not english so sorry if it will be bad. I'm here for showing all my custom skins and mario's skins, thanks you mario for sharing them. You'll can download them at the end ! Mario made: Speedrunner: http://www.hostingpics...
Gang Beasts Secret Character
by Clash
In the character selection for SpeedRunners, do /gangbeast to become the secret character! Color is randomly selected and cannot be changed....
Gang Beasts New Easter Egg! (13.02.2015)
by Flurex
To use this Eater Egg, go into the character picking menu and write in the chat: /gangbeast and you will get a character from the game Gang Beasts! Now everyone from the team can play as the Gang Beasts character depending on what colour you are spawned! ...
Controllers - All you need to know
by Tizzu
In this guide I will try to help you configure your controller for SpeedRunners...
Accidentally "deleted" your Map?
by Janfox
Help Stuff...
Tripping Guide
by DistinctMadness
Never been able to figured out tripping? This guide can help:...
Item Guide
by DistinctMadness
Do you wanna know the basics of speedrunners items better? Click here for help!...
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