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All Hidden Characters
by Mr.Bubbles
A quick and easy guide that shows you how to play as the hidden characters of SpeedRunners...
Секретныe персонажи SpeedRunners.
by February
В этом руководстве вы сможете узнать, как поиграть за секретных персонажей в игре SpeedRunners....
PayDay 2 characters and how to play as them.
by Necromancer
This is the guide to the new PayDay 2 characters, I will be telling you about them and how to play as them....
How to get into the VIP Lounge on NIghtclub (For beginners)
by Imdad
How to get into the VIP lounge on Nightclub RECCOMENED FOR BEGINNERS!
Dark Unic New Skins
by Lecktrik
I'm not english, sorry if it's bad. Hello everyone, i make this guide for showing unic skins, i saw a lot of people who love Mario's skin (Blue unic) so i decided to make some skins who looks like it. Screen in lobby :
Перевод и мини гайд по всем достижениям
by Slime
Controllers - All you need to know
by Tizzu
In this guide I will try to help you configure your controller for SpeedRunners...
New Characters as of the new update
by CarL_J
Easy guide to obtain the latest "secret" characters (Payday & Taters) as of the new update...
Simple Modding Guide
by hah you suck
A simple guide that explains how to mod Speedrunners. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!...
How to make 100% achievements!
by Diego Wakko
This is just a simple tutorial for those who would like to do all archievments of this great game!...
Secret Characters
by Staunch
This guide shows you how to select the secret characters in SpeedRunners....
How to be a Goat in Speedrunners (Easter Egg)
by KillerOfLight
In this Guide you will learn a Command that will let you play the Goat from Goat Simulator in Speedrunners. I would appreciate some Upvotes and some Favors :)...
Advanced Tips
by Precision
Need that extra bit to leave your enemies in your dust? Not sure when to use your golden hook? Here are my insights after playing the beta for 40 hours....
R31 Guide: TIME TO RUN (Fastgrapple hook, slides mechanics, items,boost and maybe more!)
by Senglior
I want to show and explain some mechanics of the game, since R31 the game actually changed a lot. I'll try to cover all i can with more updates and stuff (also sorry for my bad english)...
How to have custom music for your game's stages and its menu.
by Voodoo Moon
A guide on replacing the original soundtrack with your own choices. Nothing hard, old music can be put back later....
Секретные персонажи
by Blast_Wave
How to change color + goat from goat simulator
by ☆MrMelon2 UK☆
I will be showing you how to change your character's color and how to be the goat from goat simulator! :)...
Everything you need to know about SpeedRunners
by NinjaBoffin
This is basically a manual for SpeedRunners. All the game changes, items, History etc. Want to learn about the things that are in the game? Perfect for you! Want to see what maps have what? Perfect for you! Want to get a better understanding of th...
How to be the secret characters in SpeedRunners (Easter Egg)
by SmashingHead
In this guide I will show you how to be the secret characters in SpeedRunners...
SpeedRunners Achievements
by Precision
Achievement info to help you complete them speedily....
Some advice a.k.a techniques basic and more advanced
by DJKac
SpeedRunners is a great game for everyone who wants to race against others, while enjoying nice graphics and interesting gameplay. However, there are folks (like in many other games) that either have troubles with basics, or simply want to improve their...
Basic Speedrunners guide for the newbie
by Absol
This guide will teach you many basic things that will help you start off your Speedrunners career, and some more advanced stuff that more professional players use! (<insert eSports hype here>)...
Tripping Guide
by DistinctMadness
Never been able to figured out tripping? This guide can help:...
SpeedRunners: Achievement Guide
by «mowshu»
A quick guide about how to get all the achievements easily, with additional information about cards, badges, emoticons and backgrounds....
Item Guide
by DistinctMadness
Do you wanna know the basics of speedrunners items better? Click here for help!...
SpeedRunners: How2Play Basics (updated 17/10/13)
by MrBlargable
Having trouble grasping some of the mechanics? Here I attempt to spell out how the game is played to be successful, and I hope it helps all who read it, whether your a beginner looking for help, or an experienced player who thinks they could add their opi...
What to do on speed runners!
by [TMNT] Turtle_King
How to make friends on Speed Runners and how to get good. At least 9/10 players on speed runners don't talk. Let's make it 6/10...
All my custom skin EDITED
by Lecktrik
Hi, my name is Lecktrik, i'm not english so sorry if it will be bad. I'm here for showing all my custom skins and mario's skins, thanks you mario for sharing them. You'll can download them at the end ! Mario made: Speedrunner: http://www.hostingpics...
Gang Beasts New Easter Egg! (13.02.2015)
by Flurex
To use this Eater Egg, go into the character picking menu and write in the chat: /gangbeast and you will get a character from the game Gang Beasts! Now everyone from the team can play as the Gang Beasts character depending on what colour you are spawned! ...
Lonerunners mode
by Badass Chaplin
This guide will tell you how to run alone in speedrunners so you can practice any map forever....
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