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SpeedRunners: Achievement Guide
by «møɯƨɦʋ»
A quick guide about how to get all the achievements easily, with additional information about cards, badges, emoticons and backgrounds....
How to make 100% achievements!
by Diego Wakko
This is just a simple tutorial for those who would like to do all archievments of this great game!...
Advanced Tips
by Precision-MPI
Need that extra bit to leave your enemies in your dust? Not sure when to use your golden hook? Here are my insights after playing the beta for 40 hours....
How to have custom music for your game's stages and its menu.
by Voodoo Moon
A guide on replacing the original soundtrack with your own choices. Nothing hard, old music can be put back later....
SpeedRunners Achievements
by Precision-MPI
Achievement info to help you complete them speedily....
Some advice a.k.a techniques basic and more advanced
by DJKac
SpeedRunners is a great game for everyone who wants to race against others, while enjoying nice graphics and interesting gameplay. However, there are folks (like in many other games) that either have troubles with basics, or simply want to improve their...
SpeedRunners: How2Play Basics (updated 17/10/13)
by MrBlargable
Having trouble grasping some of the mechanics? Here I attempt to spell out how the game is played to be successful, and I hope it helps all who read it, whether your a beginner looking for help, or an experienced player who thinks they could add their opi...
Everything you need to know about SpeedRunners
by NinjaBoffin
This will explain all of the things currently present in speedrunners! :) ...
Lonerunners mode
by Ssandokan (CZE)
This guide will tell you how to run alone in speedrunners so you can practice any map forever....
A Semi-advanced Speedrunners Guide
by Nayru the Wise
This Guide Give Clever tips to help you become the best you can be!...
SpeedRunner Easter Egg! -AWESOME-
by Wayward Narrator
How to get: 1) Get a shit picture editor 2) Google "unie" 3) Google "easter egg" 4) Slap Unie on the easter egg using your shit pic editor 5) You now have access to every game on Steam! FREE OF CHARGE! No thanks is needed, really. I just wanna hea...
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