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Indie Game: The Movie: The Game: The Guide
Készítette: Ludonaut
IGTM now features a hidden game where you have to identify hand-drawn game characters by name. Learning and remembering all games can be quite a tedious task. This guide helps you out....
Actual Achievement Guide
Készítette: 420#BLAZEIT{xx360mArLeYxx]
The only serious guide on how to get the 7 achievements. You do not need to be online to get these achievements, but they will only register when you connect again. Note: Mostly Done....
Indie Game:The Movie "Гайд по достижениям"
Készítette: BlackEZ95
A Comprehensive Guide to Proper Viewership
Készítette: Kryzoid
Learn how to properly watch the 2012 documentary in just a few simple, illustrated steps!...
How to Watch Indie Game: The Movie on Steam
Készítette: Shugnussy
Discover the process on the challenging journey about viewing and setting up your viewing area for Indie Game: The Movie....
Készítette: cynicalIncarnation//Chie
INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE Indie Game: The Movie is a game all about three engaging adventures in the job of game creation. Here is how you play the entire game from start to finish. Step 1: Start the game. Wait for the cutscene to end, it's a loooong on...
How to properly watch Indie Game: The Movie.
Készítette: Raspike
There have been multiple guides on how to do this, but i will go 110% in-depth, and include EVERYTHING you must have for your viewing pleasure....
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