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Zee-Svk 26 nov 2012, ore 5:16
Cant download the movie on Linux
I bought it but since I am on Linux i cant even watch it. Will you release it for linux?
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Kai 1 dic 2012, ore 15:12 
Wow videos that aren't linux capable. It'll come. The linux version of steam isn't ready yet, When its ready out of beta you'll see alot more onit betcha
Zee-Svk 1 dic 2012, ore 15:57 
its not that its linux capable it is but you cant download it on linux. So no way to watch it.
Jidlaph 19 dic 2012, ore 15:04 
There is no reason it shouldn't be available. I assume the problem is with Steam's paradigm: Almost everything available on Steam is software, which only supports whichever platforms the developer planned for. So when a publisher adds an item to Steam, they're required to tick a "Suppored Platforms" box (i.e. (x) Windows (x) Mac ( ) Linux). There was no Linux beta when Indie Game was published on Steam, so there was no Linux option to checkmark. Now there is, and but they haven't edited it yet.
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Dragon 20 dic 2012, ore 8:08 
It's not a video file on steam, but an executable wrapper around the movie, with menu features etc.
murielgodoi 12 feb 2013, ore 9:30 
+1 that want to access using Linux.
manolo.texaco 14 feb 2013, ore 3:01 
I can't access either.
Slug of a .45 14 feb 2013, ore 12:27 
Bluforce 15 feb 2013, ore 13:27 
I'm waiting to see Indie Game: The Movie on Steam Linux.
Padster 18 feb 2013, ore 13:41 
I would also like to see this on Linux
Doodad 7 apr 2013, ore 18:19 
Kinda old but, well, you can just go to SteamApps/common/Indie Game The Movie/data/movies and try to watch it from there. Not booted in my fedora right now and not really in the mood to restart my computer just to test that, but it should be a normal video file, so, watchable with any video player.
Jidlaph 7 apr 2013, ore 18:21 
But you can't *download* it using the native Linux client.
VampireX 10 apr 2013, ore 7:39 
Messaggio originale di Jidlaph:
But you can't *download* it using the native Linux client.
Mixu 11 mag 2013, ore 9:46 
+1 on wanting it for Linux, it's only a video!
ARK 23 ago 2013, ore 18:27 
Messaggio originale di Dragon:
It's not a video file on steam, but an executable wrapper around the movie, with menu features etc.

SO? I could code that for linux and would gladly port this for their lazy asses if that would mean I could actually enjoy my copy.
astarothgr 16 set 2013, ore 10:13 
Come ON people! Seriously, this is a movie, how on earth is this NOT available on linux? Repackage whatever player it is you're using (vlc I guess?) and make this available!
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