Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie

ϟ Ericz 2013年9月24日上午7:31
Subtitles info
Bought it 2 months ago, and still having no subtitles, not even in english, which can help a lot. No words about it?

I got the movie and watch it without problems, bought the extras without even notice the subtitles fail. 2 months and not even an english transcription?

I'm actually very disappointed about it
A movie without subs. "Oh, we have no money for it"... Bulls***
The Movie + Extras costs more than almost any physical DVDs of some big studio movie, c'mon.

These guys made a great doc, but they spit on their own work on disrespecting customers.

Somebody have a link for a not official PT-BR or EN-US subtitles for the extras? Because it seems we will never see any subs from these guys.
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mj 2013年9月24日上午10:18 
just do a integrity cache check ,it might help get back things
ϟ Ericz 2013年9月24日上午11:28 
The movie have, the extras don't.
Shymoonesk 2013年9月28日上午3:13 
It's a shame that wa don't have subtitles ! We need a petition.
ϟ Ericz 2013年12月24日上午9:35 
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